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Blood Sugar Science Experiment #2 part 2

January 25, 2016


If you need any information about the methods or materials used in this experiment, you can click here to find a detailed list.

Today we are eating the sub before the salad.  Mark is exercising right after and Dan is sitting on his ass.  He finds this harder than Mark does…  In any case, everything else has been held a constant, including the time of the meal.  One thing to note though, is we haven’t done any controls on our breakfast and as these results certainly hint to, we need to.  We need to eat exactly the same breakfast for both of the experiments.  You will see why shortly.

One last thing to note, before we get to the results.  Eating the sub first sucked so bad!  For both of us, but it looks like it sucked a little worse for me (Mark).  The sub was so good, but I was mostly full after, and eating the whole salad was unpleasant.  Very unpleasant.  It was literally the exact opposite experience than 2 days before.  On that day, I could not stop effusing about how unbelievable the salad was.  Here I was forcing it back.  I am not sure if I just didn’t feel like eating or not.  I also don’t know if it was good that reversing the order made me feel grossly full.  Less calories is generally a good thing.  In any case, off to the results.


Part 2: 

Again… Dan is messing with everything, only this time it isn’t as informative.  This time it is just a mess.  I think we will need to re-run this leg for Dan as his blood sugar started way too high.  He says he didn’t eat anything before the experiment, but I have seen these kinds of results not uncommonly with myself.  When you eat something, anything an hour or two before a test meal, you usually have pretty odd results.  Dan’s blood sugar dropped through the whole experiment, certainly lower than his first measurement.


Both of my blood sugar measurements started out in the right spot and the outcome was exactly what I was hoping for… which is something to watch for in any experiment.  We will see if this pattern holds for the next round without exercise.  I am surprised with intensity of the peak for the sub blood sugar with the exercise.  I thought the exercise would have driven this peak down a ways.  Maybe it did.  Maybe the peak without exercise is much, much bigger.  We will see.


The combination of Dan’s 2 curves shows even more how off the second test was.  It just starts high, vacillates a little and then drops off, as Dan’s curves regularly do.  We will retest this leg for Dan after we finish Part 3 and Part 4.


Tuesday and Thursday this week are the dates for parts 3 and 4.  I will talk to Dan about eating beforehand.  Hopefully we get clear results, but if not, that is valuable as well.

NOTE:  On January 28th, Dan redid this part of the experiment.  We agreed that any trial that begins with blood sugar out of range has to be abandoned.  Given that this has only happened once… we did not have a plan.  In any case, we re-ran the sub first no exercise leg of the study and came up with a decidedly equally as crazy output… It doesn’t start as high or end as low, but it definitely follows the same path.  I can’t quite describe why eating a sub before a salad is better for Dan, but it is.  Maybe he is highly sensitive to the meat and fats in the sandwich or the small amount of fibre in the wheat bread.  I will try to think of a way to figure this out, but after 2 tests it seems clear.  This might be the best meal for blood sugar for anyone…EVER!!DanSubFirstNoExercise



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