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Science: Round 2 Part 1 – Calories versus Carbs

December 9, 2015

Okay, now the headings for this experiment have officially begun to confuse me… why Round 2…  Could this be Round 1 part 3….

I have no idea…


In any case, we are getting somewhere.  Today was single Sausage Egg McMuffin Day, also known to Dan as the worst day of his life…  Seriously, getting him to eat 3 and a half donuts was the easiest thing ever, but only one Sausage and Egg McMuffin… you would think I was killing his cat.

Remember, we have eaten a large calorie mostly balanced meal and a large calorie mostly carb meal .  We varied the amount of carbs as both an absolute and a percentage.  Now we are going to eat a regular sized fairly balanced meal, and a regular sized mostly carb meal.  We will see how our blood sugar reacts to all 4.

Unfortunately there was no ceremony with this day, no pomp, no laying the food out on the bench and posing with it before eating it, no photos, nothing.  Just simple take blood, eat food…  It was kind of sad.

I will track down some stock photos to fill up the page so it isn’t all graphs and words.

As well, there is the concept of satiety-of fullness-that needs to be addressed.  It was sort of unnecessary to acknowledge that the previous 2 meals kept us full for at least 4 hours.  They did.  I even checked with Dan and he agreed.   2 SEMcMs or 3.5 SGD (Sugar Glazed Donuts) fill you for a surprising amount of time.  That really is to be expected with an 870 calorie meal.  The challenge as we continue down this blood testing road is to find meals that stay in the healthy zone and still keep us full for 4 hours.  Obviously we are going to be testing the limits because I am fully aware that a Kale salad and a petite filet with asparagus is going to stay under the blood sugar level and will keep me full.  The interesting stuff to experiment with is the easy to grab food that we eat out of convenience when we are out or at work.

So, we are doing a self reported full scale with the blood sugar.  I will go back and edit that into the results and will keep track of it moving forward.

Now onto the science.


Same as in Round 1 Part 1 and Part 2.


1 Sausage Egg McMuffin each and a large coffee.  Dan’s black, mine with milk.



8:47 am December 8th, 2015

Fasting blood sugar.

Mark’s blood sugar was 5.4 mmol/l        Dan’s blood sugar was 6.1 mmol/l

Mark reported feeling full.  Dan argued for the first little while that he may have been hungrier after eating the SEMcM than before.  Note, we did get an hour late start on the experiment today and Dan was famished when we started.

Dan continues to have elevated blood sugars in the morning.  He isn’t getting enough sleep so this may be the cause.  There is a little documentation of elevated blood sugars in normal people who get less than 6 hours of sleep a night.  Will find a citation.

1 hour:  (9:56)

Mark’s blood sugar was 5.9 mmol/l        Dan’s blood sugar was 5.4 mmol/l

Mark, still full. Dan admits that he may not be hungrier than before he ate the muffin, but he sure isn’t any less hungry.  He is famished.

A couple of things.  Certainly I absolutely absorbed the SEMcM with no harm at all.  Dan’s blood sugar actually went down!! I will discuss this in the discussion section, but seriously, why did I have to recruit a freak for this experiment.

2 hours: (10:56)

Mark’s blood sugar was 5.6 mmol/l      Dan’s blood sugar was 5.0 mmol/l

Mark, still full.  Will be for another hour or 2.  Dan, still hungry and is now planning lunch, which he will eat within the half hour.  3 slices of fresh slice.

Blood sugars are looking good people.  Dan is way below his fasting blood sugar and I may as well be back there.  This is good looking blood results from both sides.



As you can see in the chart above, the blood sugars are entirely within the healthy zone at the first post meal measurement.  Again, Dan’s post meal blood sugar is considerably lower than Mark’s.

The main thing to note is the odd drop in blood sugar for Dan post meal.  We have been using an estimate of peak blood sugar at 45 minutes for an average healthy individual.  This is just an estimate and I believe with Dan it is wrong.  I believe he is hitting his peak blood sugar on these processed food meals way sooner, quite possibly as soon as 15 minutes.  This is another test for another day, but when you place a peak at 15 minutes to 30 minutes (as shown in the light blue dotted line) his blood sugar numbers look much more realistic.

In any case, as predicted, blood sugars are much better than the 2 SEMcM’s as can be seen in the chart below.

Of course even the 2 SEMcM’s were much better than the 3.5 SGD (sugar glazed donuts).

Satiety was considerably different though.  I normally don’t feel full with one SEMcM, but during this test it was different.  I haven’t been feeling very hungry the last week or so, so that may have been the reason.  I did have a huge lunch after the SEMcM and I have noticed a pattern of this, so it is possible that the SEMcM is increasing my cravings.

Dan felt no satiety at all.  He actually had his lunch 2 and a half hours after this experiment and he went for 3 slices of Fresh Slice Pizza which allows us to compare our 3FSP numbers.  That will be posted shortly.

Overall I was surprised that our blood sugar was as balanced as it was after the fast food breakfast sandwich.  This indicates a number of things.  First, that if you can be full on 1 SEMcM, then this is not a bad meal for your blood sugar.  2, that it is highly likely that the breakdown of macroingredients in the SEMcM is about what McDonalds is saying in their nutritional information.

That is an intriguing thing about the blood sugar measurements.  Once you know how your body should be responding to certain foods, it can be quite disturbing to find out that it isn’t.  If the measurements are correct, you have to take a second look at the nutritional information.  Unfortunately,  the nutritional information on some foods can actually be wildly off.  That is what happened at Fresh Slice and this next report reveals some VERY disturbing things happening at the fast food pizza chain.




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