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Sweat Inc.

October 14, 2015

I just came across this article for a new show .  Sweat Inc.  It  is a sort of Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank meets American Idol for new fitness gear.  Here is the description of the show:

Jillian is taking on the business side of the fitness industry. In their search for the next workout phenomenon, Jillian and fellow judges, TRX founder Randy Hetrick and celebrity trainer Obi Obadike, will meet twenty-seven fitness entrepreneurs from around the country. The contestants will try to convince the judges that their exercise program has the most business potential. In anticipation of the October 20 premiere of Sweat Inc. on Spike, Jillian answered a few questions about her experience in the fitness industry and what we can expect from her new series.

As most of you know, I have had issues with Jillian in the past.  Mostly based around her partnership with Giancarlo Chersich.

I find the man to be a bit of a dumbass.  Watching these two discuss their strategy is painful.  Agonizing even.  I love how the pill pushing didn’t even come up as one of the largest failures for her.  Just watching them together, knowing that Giancarlo is leading the team makes all of her miscues and failures make sense.

In any case, I am quite excited about this new show.  I hope she sticks to the ‘tough’ trainer persona through this show and doesn’t try to push her other products.

So, a little more details on the show:

In the new Spike reality-competition series Sweat Inc., hosted by Jillian Michaels, twenty-seven aspiring fitness entrepreneurs compete to prove they’ve developed the most groundbreaking and effective exercise program out there. In the end, only one will have the business savvy and innovative program to land them $100,000, a feature in Women’s Health Magazine, and the opportunity to launch their fitness empire with Retro Fitness.

I am quite excited to watch this show, and very excited to see what these entrepreneurs have come up with.  So many cool options.  I am hoping for some Crossfit variations!  I saw some obstacle race thing, and I am pumped for that!  I would sign up for that today!!  I am thinking of doing Battle Frog this year, and still going to go for the Spartan Trifecta in 2016.

In any case, it is on Tuesday October 20th, on Spike TV at 7:00.

Check it out!! Let me know what you think of it.  Is anyone else excited for it.

I due find it odd though that the article is actually sponsored.  This stuff scares the crap out of me.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between SPIKE and Studio@Gawker.

Just so you know, my post is unsponsored… yep free advertising.  I guess that won’t be happening for very much longer.  You are welcome Spike TV.

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  1. JRachelle permalink
    October 22, 2015 9:38 am

    I watched the show on Tuesday and here is my opinion. I think the 360 workout would work for any body type and I would purchase the product. I think the 360 would give my baxk a great stretch. I wasnt fun the Sticks just because for me my weight fluctuates I wouldnt believe it will hold my weight. Plus he is asking for $1300 for a product you will buy try it out not like it and end up under the bed. Maybe even use it as a clothes rack. With the trampoline workout what is the maximum weight for it? I just dont think it will hold my weight. Another thing with the Sticks workout it looks like you will need alot of room in the house or move furniture so you can workout.

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