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January 21, 2012

Julie Foucher TOTALLY Gets it! Read this entry from her and it should be clear to you as well. There is a HUGE gap for all of us.
What does ‘Exercise and Eat Well’ mean to you? Not in general terms either, but in exact terms? If you can’t answer this question you are not alone. The problem isn’t the advice, ‘eat well and exercise’, the problem is knowing what eating well is, and what exercise is, and then having a blueprint to fit them into your life! You would be shocked at how few people actually know what eating well is and what exercise is. If you answer to the latter is ‘gym 3x a week’, you are probably wrong.
I love Crossfit. If you can stick it out, it is the best workout on earth. There is nothing that can match it, but you have to be ready to work hard. I had to start down the road to fitness myself first before I would have ever been ready for Crossfit.
It is remarkable how many diets and fitness regimes give you bizarre prescriptions for food to eat or give you a specific gym workout. These are terrible ways to get fit. Pick up ‘You Are Not A Fit Person’ or get the Couch 2 5K program and get started. Running 5k in 30 minutes is the base standard of fitness. If you are considerably overweight, have had injuries or are older, consider a walking program first. As always check with your doctor before taking up a program, and get his or her advice as to what you fitness level is.

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

We’ve spent the last two  weeks of medical school in our Endocrinology Block.  Returning from a much-needed and  very restful break for the holidays, I was excited to be learning about a new system and expected the coming days  to be filled with discussion of those elusive glands and hormones I’d heard of, but never really knew exactly what  purpose they served.  While we did spend plenty of time learning about things like T3 and T4, Chromaffin cells,  and the difference between the anterior and posterior pituitary, to my surprise (and perhaps also to my  fascination) a significant portion of the past two weeks revolved around obesity.

We have learned about the genetics of obesity, how hormones and neural networks control how much you eat and  how much energy you expend, and all the hormonal factors that our fat cells release contributing to insulin  resistance.   We talked about a number…

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