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Another Victory!!

August 8, 2011

Okay, this last weekend was a good one for me.  I don’t ask for a lot, and I feel a confluence of the universe’s positive energy flowing my way when things don’t go annoyingly wrong, so I can’t tell you how excited I was at the Warrior Dash in Whistler this weekend.

You see, they give out these great fabric warrior hats with your entry if you pay an extra $10, several months ahead of race time.  That photo is me wearing mine for a few minutes on race day.  The thing is, I had no recollection of paying for the hat, but they gave it to me with my race package.  Rob, my friend was standing there and advised me not to argue.  In any case, the hats are comically funny and I would personally have no desire to have one at all, except my kids came up to cheer me on.  This hat is perfect for kids.  The only problem was that Rob brought his daughter as well, so there were 3 kids and one hat…

This wasn’t a big deal, after all, I either had the foresight to buy one of these or I got one for free, so the kids took turns wearing it and it was fun.  I asked if I could buy a couple of extras, but they said they had no extras and you could only get them with your race pick up package.  I completed the brutal race (the obstacles weren’t nearly as devastating as the vertical climb and drop on this course… it was up the mountain down the mountain and back up the mountain, and so on…), and I had just finished being hosed down by a person with the firehose (which really isn’t as enjoyable as it sounds, although watching people getting hosed down while they are screaming and yelling in front of you while you wait in line is exactly as enjoyable as it sounds, maybe even more so), when I was walking by the registration desk and there were a couple of these hats sitting there, still wrapped in plastic.  I asked if they were for sale and the person said, nope, they just had 2 extras and I was welcome to them…  Thank you universe!  Each of the kids got their own and my weekend was complete!

…Or was it…

That was Saturday.  We drove down from Whistler on Sunday (Thank you Eric for the use of the condo, it was AWESOME!!  I can’t tell you how nice that hot tub was after the race), and were looking for some dental care products at the Shopper’s Drug Mart in Dundarave (yes the one I have sworn not to go in), and I made a remarkable discovery.

They have removed the JUNK FOOD GAUNTLET (you can read about my ongoing battle with Shopper’s Drug Mart and their Junk Food Gauntlet here and here and here).

For those of you who do not want to go back through the trails and tribulations of this ongoing war, here was the initial design of Shoppers (it has been updated to be more accurate), pay special attention to the red zone:

The disturbing fact that the pharmacy makes up so little of the ‘drug store’ was nothing compared to the red zone in the map above.  The red zone was candy, chips and snacks that you had to walk through to exit the store!  It was wrong on so many levels. Here was a shot looking back at the gauntlet from the exit, just look at the temptations placed there…  It looks like Willy Wonka had designed a pharmacy!

They re-engineered the gauntlet, they removed a simple, little piece of shelving and suddenly everything changes:

What used to look like this (artist impression), an obstacle made of candy bars and pop (represented by a big transparent wall of red here):

Is now open…  I can walk out of the store without having to look at any junk food (or very little)…  How awesome is this!!  My community has another responsible member.  Note, this isn’t a small opening either, you don’t need to squeeze through or anything!

I am not saying they bowed to the overwhelming pressure of this blog and the public outcry it created (maybe)… but what I am actually saying is Thank You’ to Jürgen Schreiber, and all of the staff at Shopper’s Drug Mart who responded to the predatory design of their store with this redesign.  Really, without your willingness to take actions to respond to the concerns of citizens, we really would never have a chance to raise a healthy community.  It is easy to do nothing, it is hard to change.

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