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See, even 7-11 Gets it!!

May 6, 2011

So, I have been on a little bit of a carb binge lately… and by little bit I mean HUGE…  Thank you all for your concern, but worry not, I have since been able to taper my candy and sweet consumption down and I am almost back to normal levels… Before I was able to achieve this though I was wondering down the candy aisle at the local 7-11 and I discovered this:

Well, yes, they have an incredible amount of candy at 7-11’s and yes, most of it really isn’t very appealing…  Seriously have you had a nerd lately, and how is the Fun Dip holding on?   I would have expected a boutique style of fun dip with really cool varieties of flavours by now… but no, still the fun dip of my childhood.  Clearly this is the ass section of the candy aisle, but that isn’t the important thing I am asking you to notice.

See, right there in the center of the photo… right between the gobstoppers (again a loser candy) and the Air Heads (I quite like taffy) is the Nuggets Candy.  Yep, the product that is sold at Grocery stores as a healthy fruit snack.

Awhile back I did an expose on just how bad these candies are for you (To Illustrate a Point, or I hate Candy Posing as Healthy).

Not only is this candy marketed as healthy in grocery stores, but it is also sold at craft stores…

Yep, their own packaging says ‘Who Says Healthy Can’t Taste Good !?’.  Of course you might ask what the difference between naturally flavoured fruit nuggets and dried fruit is… and this might be a normal question, but the answer is pretty clear.  The difference is one is candy and the other is dried fruit.  The pocket fruit mix of theirs is actually marginally more healthy because they throw dried fruit pieces into the candy mix.  It also confuses people even more than just their ‘healthy’ fruit nuggets.

So, although you will routinely find fruit nuggets in the snack section of the grocery store and not the candy section, 7-11 knows exactly where to put the candy.  Make no mistake, 7-11 has a snack section, separate from the candy aisle, so they could put the ‘all natural, organic, naturally flavoured fruit nuggets’ there instead of in the candy aisle, but again, make no mistake, 7-11 knows candy when they see it.

Thank you 7-11, and I am not just saying this because I am the mayor of my local 7-11 foursquare, which I am.  I am still waiting for my first benefit from Foursquare by the way…  Does any store offer a good Foursquare benefit?  Comments section if you know of one…

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