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Weekly Wrap Up

April 1, 2011

Okay, I feel bad jumping from wrap up to wrap up, but work has been crazy this week and we went away for spring break last week, so things have been busy…  In any case, some thoughts below and of course, read on to find out who gets the honours as this weeks worst magazine cover!


I have recently found a new social networking site that helps you keep track of your training sessions.  It looks fantastic, so I thought I would share it with you. is the site and you can set up your own profile, select the sports and activities you do and then start logging them in.  I just joined under my name, Mark Vaughan so if you join, be sure to add me as a friend.  I haven’t gotten a workout in yet, so don’t judge 😉

Seriously though, accountability and measurement are two of the best tools that you can use to get fit.  Without keeping a realistic measurement of your actual training, getting fit can be tremendously difficult.  I have worked out for years and during huge periods of that time I thought I was getting to the gym 3 times a week, but in reality it was probably more like 2 times a week.  Sure I planned on working out 3 days a week, but I rarely achieved it.  I wasn’t aware of the gap though because I didn’t have a workout log.  As well, allowing myself to slip decreased my motivation.  After all, if I wasn’t paying that much attention to my workouts, why would I get excited about working out more.

So, please set a goal and get a training plan (you can learn all about why this is key in You Are Not A Fit Person) and then keep track of your training at

Relapse Mistakes:

Speaking of facts about getting fit, I had some thoughts about this article from Tom Venuta.  First and foremost, what a great article.  The relapse mistakes do such a good job of getting to the core of what is wrong with diets.  There is no other way to say this but don’t diet.  Seriously, dieting is a guarantee of failure, just by the definition of what a diet is.  There is no short term solution to a long term problem.  You need to know this before taking the next step in your fitness future.  If you were thinking diet stop now and start thinking about changes you can make for life.

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that far more relapsers had lost weight by fasting or taking appetite suppressant pills than maintainers. Apparently the fasting helped take some weight off and the pills helped curb hunger, but neither helped keep the weight off.

In my war of words with Jillian Michaels one of our most distinct differences was between her belief that fast weightloss is better than slow weightloss.  She suggested that if people didn’t see significant changes fast, they would quit.  I agree that could be true, but I just don’t believe that you learn anything about long term fitness following a short, dramatic, frantic diet.  They simply aren’t connected.  The key is to find other ways to commit to the first few months of fitness, rather than pounds dropped.

From stopping a diet or stopping exercise after achieving a goal, to returning to your previous eating habits, this article covers so many of the pitfalls that nearly everyone runs into and successful people should understand and plan to avoid.  The You Are Not A Fit Person program really takes all of these issues into consideration.  This really isn’t rocket science and it does take a lot of work to succeed, but it does have success as an outcome and that isn’t the case with most diets out there.  Most of the reasons can be seen in this article.  If you are looking to choose a way to lose weight, print out this article and go through it mistake by mistake and ask yourself how the program you are choosing to follow handles each of these long term weightloss hurdles.

There Are No Words:

Speaking of Jillian Michaels, wow does she know how to pick a loser.  After hiring Basic Research to make her questionable supplements which have earned her numerous class action lawsuits Jillian went on to be a Go Daddy girl.  Who thought that could go bad, but lo and behold, it turns out the CEO of Go Daddy is an elephant killer.  Yes, an honest to god, head mounting villainous african safari, great white hunter!  I didn’t think these people existed any longer, except as the bad guy in overly melodramatic movies.

According to

He went on a night hunt and killed an elephant, chronicling the adventure in a 4-minute vacation video.

Five shots from the team lead by Parsons, and the bull elephant went down. Parsons later posed with the animal.

The villagers celebrated the next day as they divided up the meat.

On his blog, Parsons explains that he only hunts where it’s regulated.

Parsons claims he was just saving some crops from rogue elephants and that there are too many elephants in this region so he was just there to help the farmers.

There are so many levels on which this is bullshit.  First and foremost,

In case you wondered, on its Red List of Threatened Species, the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists African elephants as “Vulnerable,” a designation between “Near Threatened” and “Endangered.” It also says, “the status of African elephants varies considerably across the species’ range.” There’s more information here.

Read more:

At the end of the day the world over, animals and humans are going to come into conflict.  It seems strange to me that as the CEO of a multi million dollar company his solution to this problem was to fly over to Zimbabwe with an elephant gun and a box full of Go Daddy hats.  Rather than explore ways that he could use some of his money to help solve this problem that touches him so deeply, a problem of people starving; rather than look for ways to move an elephant that was destroying crops, Bob Parsons chose to kill the elephant instead, make a video of this killing and then pose and smile while standing over the dead animal.

According to Dr. Grey Stafford, Director of Conservation at the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, Ariz:

“The human-elephant conflict is real. About 75-100 elephants A DAY have been killed at human hands worldwide over past 40 years. And about one person a day loses their life due to the increasing numbers of conflicts between animals searching for food and poor communities trying to survive. The ever expanding human population on a shrinking planet makes these deadly conflicts more likely in the future and while elephants may “win” a few battles, their species most certainly will lose the war unless we humans change our ways fast. Otherwise the extinction of the largest land animal on earth is inevitable.”

This seems pretty obvious to me.  My favourite part of this story is that Bob Parsons says that he only hunts where hunting is regulated.  Ya, it must be hard for the super elite to find places where they can exploit poverty to get permits for hunting.  I half expect him to be a one of the people in Hostel…  By the way, I don’t know much about him, and I don’t know if he is rich, but I am expecting he is shockingly rich by the following statements he makes:

He told CBS “I expect sales will go up. The reason is that first of all, the average American is a very good individual who understands that people need to eat. They know there is a circle of life and they don’t much care for political correctness. When they see this, people who are not familiar with GoDaddy will check us out. It’ll be a good thing.”

He also told CBS that people love him in Zimbabwe: “You talk about appreciative! When I go (to Zimbabwe) they can’t thank me enough and they greet me with open arms.”

Ya, that sounds like the rants of a delusional individual totally out of touch with reality.  Circle of life… I don’t think that includes millionaires flying off to hunt endangered animals around the world.

At least I only have to move all of my domains, I certainly don’t have to distance myself as a spokesperson for this organization.  I actually feel bad for Jillian Michaels on this, as I am sure she feels terrible about this.

Terrible Magazine Cover of the Week:

There were two covers competing for this week, both of them as bad as they get.  I will start with the runner up:

Melt Jiggly Fat 3X Faster…  Let’s think about this…  Jiggly fat, is this opposed to that ripped fat or muscular fat?  Jiggly fat, what could they mean by this?  Oh, lets see, they are referring surface flab.  Surface flab is apparently Jiggly fat…  Well, clearly we are dealing with a very scientific article, after all, they have such quality clinical names for this fat and you can burn it off 3 times faster.  I love that number.  3 times faster, as if there is a speed at which we currently burn off fat… how stupid is this.

So how are we going to burn off this jiggly fat?  Oh, there is a food formula proven to burn off surface flab…  You can drop 9 lbs every week and better yet, you can keep it off.  Let me let you in on a little hint, there is no food formula proven to burn off fat.  In fact, food doesn’t burn fat at all, but it would be great if it did.  In fact, if it did burn off fat, it would definitely be worthwhile to report about this on the cover of every magazine ever printed…   First for Women magazine, you are now on my radar….

This brings us to the winner…The worst magazine of the week is: Shape

Vanessa Hudgens is a small little 22 year old girl who looks 16.  She is quite beautiful and she is famous, at least to kids.  She has starred in numerous High School Musical movies from Disney.  There is no reason she shouldn’t be on the cover of a magazine and she does look very fit, so why does this cover bother me so much.  The choice of headings with this little girl on the front.  Tight tush, toned thighs, cellulite busting moves that work…  Yah, that is a great headline to put next to a girl who has always been so petite.  With that one we have Slim without the gym and Satisfy your sweet tooth the guilt free way.  Who ever thought this cover was a good idea?  Who ever thought putting a picture of a young woman and then making offers of having a body like hers while still eating what you want, busting cellulite and getting fit without working out was in good taste?  I am guessing it is the same person who put Boost Your Body Image Now! 3 Easy Steps!  Seriously… this is on the cover.  Why is it the magazines that contribute most to poor body image issues always offer the solutions along with their impossible diet offers.  I have one easy tip to boosting your body image.  Try putting down the magazine.  Write the editor a letter and tell him or her how bad covers like this make us feel about ourselves.

I am sure everyone knows that it is much easier to stay fit and slim when you are young.  I was slim and looked great in my teens and early twenties.  There is a never ending supply of young beautiful people for us to put on the cover of magazines… mind you we will still be getting older and without any help from pop media magazines, we will be getting fatter and fatter.

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  1. michelle permalink
    August 2, 2011 11:28 am

    Hmmm…had a hard time swallowing your diatribe on airbrushing. While I didn’t read the whole article, I did certainly notice the photo of Julia Roberts and the swimsuit model. It would seem that you are trying to get attention for the very thing you are partly responsible for. If men like you weren’t so interested in younger women there would be no need for airbrushing. The media is responsing to the characteristics that men seem to find attractive in women, and one of those is youth. If men found women in their 40’s plus as attractive as women in their late teens and 20’s then we would have no need for touch-ups. Very hypocritical of you.

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