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Nominee Rogues Gallery: Heidi Diaz

December 2, 2010

What a piece of work this woman is.  For those who have been paying attention, Heidi Diaz is the woman who started the Kimkins diet.  What is the kimkins diet you ask (according to

Kimkins is a diet created by a low-carb dieter who goes by the screen name of Kimmer. It is essentially a diet that’s very low in calories, fat, carbs and fiber. The diet is partly based on the original Atkins diet (1972 version), hence its name. In 2007, articles mentioning or explaining the Kimkins diet were featured in People and Women’s World magazines, which piqued public interest.

Who is Kimmer (again from

“Kimmer” has declined to give her real name. She claims to have lost almost 200 pounds in less than a year and kept it off for five years on her diet. However, there is no independent confirmation of this, and she refuses to meet in person for interviews. She is neither a healthcare professional nor a nutrition expert. In fact, in interviews, she seems unaware of the possible nutritional implications of her diet and has dodged questions about basic nutrition, such as essential fatty acids.

Not that any of this doesn’t bring up tons of red flags, but here is what you eat on the Kimkins diet (again, thank you

Kimkins has several different variations, some of which are as low as 500 calories per day. Lean proteins prepared with minimal fat are the predominant foods. Vegetables are optional, but a day’s eating must not total more than 20 grams total carbohydrate — this means that effective carbs plus fiber must not be more than 20 grams per day. However, her sample menus have totals much less than this — at most, about 5 grams effective carbohydrate plus 7 grams fiber. Compare this to Atkins Induction, where 12 to 15 grams effective carbohydrate from vegetables alone is now recommended.

Ya, that is a healthy sustainable diet…  Well.  In the end though, it did work for her.  She lost about 200 pounds.  If only she lost 200 pounds…

You see, this starvation diet started to get a lot of people upset, so they hired a detective to see what was going on with this Kimmer girl.  Here is one of her before and after picture from her testimonials:

To cut a long and sordid story short, The woman on the left is our nominee, Heidi Diaz, but the picture of the woman on the right is from a Russian bride website.  Apparently Heidi Diaz, who made up the entire diet, who has no background in nutrition or medicine and no history of weightloss pulled this diet out of her ass and made at least 1.8 million dollars selling these lies to victims who signed up for it.  When people began to question her before and after pictures (and many other false photos and testimonials), she went after them, banning them from the site and badmouthing them.  It was individuals who exposed this woman.  They hired private investigators and began a class action lawsuit in California.

Here are some pictures from the private investigator, and more here.

So these people sued her in a class action suit.  Many of her employees jumped ship, but she got new ones to lie for her:

The disturbing part about this video is that it is at the beginning of the trial and she is scrambling to keep her business going.  She has been exposed as being this disgusting liar and she is still only worried about hiring PR people to hide behind.  They are talking about the previous versions of this exact diet being different and clearly unsafe!!!

In her deposition she admitted to lying and falsifying claims for the diet.

Skip ahead to the end of the trial, which was recent, 3 years after these people started to go after the Kimmer and the court finds that Heidi Diaz is a liar and a fraud.  She has ripped off members for 1.8 million dollars (at least, she plays so stupid in court it is infuriating) and  on top of the 1.8 million dollar award, the court adds an unprecedented  $500,000 in punitive damages.  You can read the transcript here and if you want to see what the worst of the worst humans are like, you should read this.

The thank you from the lawyer who led the class action suit against her is here.

If you want to see a video of the whole story there is a great one here complete with a long interview from John Tiedt, the same lawyer above.

If all of this is not enough to put Heidi in the Rogues Gallery, there are claims that Heidi Diaz also collected money for foster kids that don’t exist (these could be connected to the false job she claimed she had helping foster kids).

Of course there are websites out there dedicated to hating Heidi Diaz (here) and sites for survivors of the Kimkins diet (here).

How vile Heidi Diaz is aside, please note that this isn’t a criminal case and never was.  This was a private action that turned into a class action suit in California.  There is no doubt that some legal action had to be taken against this out and out fraud.  When the class action suit was launched against Jillian Michaels (okay 2 or 3 class action suits) for her cleanses and supplements, people suggested that the lawsuit was a money grab and ‘fat people should know better than to buy magic pills’.  It appears that with fraud so rife in the diet and healthcare industry, the only justice that we have against these people is private actions, all of which it seems will be fought in California.  I wonder how many people thought this class action was a money grab…

Oh and despite the fact the court requires all Kimkins webpages to state that she is and was a liar, there is nothing on her website and her website is still up and running.  This woman is pathological.  I love the fact that it is Kimkins 3.0…

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  1. Carol permalink
    December 2, 2010 9:38 am

    This is a great article about a person who should never give any diet advice to anyone..Talk about

  2. Susan permalink
    December 4, 2010 8:42 am

    Heidi used all those fake Russian Bride photos as her primary “snag” to lure people in. Photos dont lie do they? Why look at all these people who lost huge amounts of weight on Kimkins and came out looking and feeling better than ever!! I was one of those people, I became ill and Im glad she finally had her day in court! Now I hope someone investigates her accepting Social Security payments while raking in millions on that Kimkins diet! Government fraud.


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