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New Rule: Charities, stop using my weaknesses to raise money…

November 9, 2010

These chocolate bars (in the picture) are unbelievably good.  They have them at the bank.   If you have never had ‘Daniel, La Chocolate Belge’ Almonds and Milk Chocolate, count yourself lucky because that is one less addiction to kick…  How can I say no to these, on top of the supernaturally good taste, they are so friendly and decorated with pictures done by sick kids.  It is for the children!!!  I will take 1… no 2… hell how much for the whole box?

Look charities, you got me last time when you sold me beer for sick kids.  Just $5 and I can enjoy a cool beer and help the kids!?!?  Great give me 1, no make that 2… hell here is all my money how many tickets do I get?!?!  Seriously I am still finding tickets in pieces of clothing… clothing I can’t remember wearing that night… okay, honestly I can’t remember anything from that night…

So charities, stop messing with me.  I want to help you, I really do.  Just stick to runs and stuff for the kids.  These work for me too!  I definitely don’t want to be drinking pop for a type 2 diabetes charity…  Even aware of the irony, I might still do this, if it were for the kids…

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