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Tip #14: Using less dressing

October 17, 2010

Here is a tip I learned form my wife on our trip to Disneyland with the kids this summer.  One evening we were eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (I will have a follow up on this restaurant-and all casual dining restaurants, in the near future), when my wife ordered her salad dressing on the side.  I never order my salad dressing on the side.  It just seems like such a pain in the ass, not to mention a little embarrassing.   This time though, the waitress brought my Italian dressing on the side along with my wife’s Thousand Islands.

My wife dips her fork in the dressing and then gets a forkful of salad and eats it.  This seems pretty smart with the creamier Thousand Islands dressing, but I never thought of doing it with Italian.  After all, Italian is much thinner than Thousand Islands and a much healthier selection.  In any case, I tried it, at the urging of my wife, and lo and behold, it worked.  I had more than enough dressing on my salad, and I had a a lot of dressing left in my dressing bowl when I was done.

Still, if you are eating salads, and by salads, I mean vegetables in a bowl with dressing, no cheese, no bacon, no tortilla chips, then you are already on the right track.  If you don’t use any of the creamy dressings, then again, you are on track.  A salad with a creamy dressing can unfortunately turn a good idea into a very bad one.

Salads are so tasty, I love them, but dressings add a little bit of jeopardy to what could be a great food item.  Even the oil and vinegar based dressings carry a lot of calories.  Any trick that you can use to reduce the calories of your salad will make you better off.  Salads are awesome.  If you ever feel brave enough to order your dressing on the side, give this trick a shot.  You will be amazed.

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  1. jemand permalink
    October 22, 2010 2:04 pm

    An absolutely *tremendous* salad dressing for lettuce salads is simply fresh squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of salt. I learned this from my Iraqi room mate and it is absolutely PHENOMENAL. It’s also good to add a cut up tomato too, such a simple salad, but so much flavor and zip!

    It also can save money, too, and lemons keep quite a while.

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