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Another Weekly Roundup

October 1, 2010

I have to admit that I am totally annoyed today.  It has nothing to do with the con artists and scammers who are making our food packaging, but I am going to take it out on them anyways:

Whole Grain Goodness:

I have been clear about what I think of whole grains.  They are better than non-whole grains, but you should generally avoid them.  They are way too high in calories to justify them.  Unless you are getting incredible amounts of fibre with them, such as All Bran Buds, avoid grains altogether.  You can read more in You Are Not A Fit Person.

Part of the problem of this is how they determine what is whole grain and what isn’t, or more to the point, they fact that they don’t differentiate between refined whole grains and unrefined.  There is a difference in the way your body processes these things and that makes all the difference.  You can read about it here.  Another problem is the 100% whole grain issue.  Many of the whole grain products are not 100% whole grain.  You can read about this here.  The rest of the problem is the energy density of these foods.  As I have said before, every single civilization has been created out of the surplus energy density of grain based product, and this was long before they refined out the bran.

So, I was looking in the food shelf at home and I came across this:

Popcorn as a whole grain!?!?!? Are you #@$!#$ing me?!!?  I have never thought of the kernel as a grain, but technically I guess it is…maybe….  To sell popcorn as a whole grain though is such a pile of crap.  First, have you ever heard of popcorn being sold without the outer shell of the kernel?  It isn’t like there is white popcorn with the outer shell removed and yellow popcorn with the shell on, although I am willing to bet thousands of hours of science went into achieving this, so far unsuccessfully (can you imagine popcorn without the outer shell…mmm… but I digress).

Popcorn isn’t good for you.  A lot of people try to sell it to us as good because it is so much better than potato chips, and it is.  A cup of air popped no butter added popcorn is 30 calories.  That is nothing, but nobody I have ever met eats unbuttered air popped popcorn.  I don’t even know any fit people who do this, but if anyone does, rest assured it is some 110 pound female distance runner.  Check out the ‘whole grain popcorn’ and see how good it is for you:

Don’t stop at the 210 calories per half bag (by the way, that is about the same amount of calories in a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips, barbecue flavor.  No, this ‘health food’ also contains the ubiquitous TBHQ, along with ‘artificial butter flavour’.  Waht the hell is artificial butter flavour anyways?!?!  And Colour… ya, thanks for the great description of what I am putting in my body…

Don’t forget though, this is a high source of Fibre, 4 grams per 210 calories.  According to me in ‘You Are Not A Fit Person’ that really isn’t a very high source of fibre, so thanks for trying Orville.


I don’t expect a lot from my slushies/slurpies, whatever, but this is total bullshit.

Frozen Carbohydrate Energy… 38 g of Carbohydrate per 355 ml serving….  Are you kidding me?!!?  They are actually selling the sugar AS carbohydrate energy!?!?!  Is this some kind of joke.  Is a bottle of coke now a 27 gram carbohydrate energy drink…  Seriously has the entire marketing industry sold its soul?!!??  It is FROZEN SUGAR WATER PEOPLE!!!  I just found out that Quaker owns Gatorade too…  I am so disappointed.


Dr. Oz is asking to get in the Rogues Gallery

I know this magazine is crap and they always offer ridiculous amounts of pounds lost in their advertised diets, but Dr. Oz has to speak out about this.

  • Easy Detox Diet?
  • 11 Pounds a week.
  • 28 Day Miracle
  • 4 Ingredients that are making you fat?!!?  Get serious, unless they are sugar, wheat, breads and oils…

These claims are utter crap.  I am sure the article inside reads like normal recommendations, but the sensationalist cover is not okay.  Why would anyone claim that a detox diet is a miracle.  Where are we going with the claims?  Every headline on this cover is absurd.  Please people, until you stop buying magazines that put out such crap to steal your money, they are going to keep doing this.  As for you Dr. Oz.  Please just say in your twitter feed that you don’t support the claims that this magazine in making.  It is that simple.  Please, as a doctor restore some sense of sanity to the circus that is your public doctor life.   I hate pop culture magazines so much…

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