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The Fruit Bowl

September 11, 2010

I was reminded of something just this last week.  I was visiting my cousin in Los Angeles.  She and her husband are quite fit, they are active, although not athletic, they eat well, but we ate delivery pizza while we were there, they work hard, but find time to play.  While we were getting the grand tour of the house I noticed something.  In the kitchen, on the other side of the island counter was a very large fruit bowl/plate.  It was filled with peaches and apples, grapes and bananas and other various and assorted fruits.  You don’t see a good fruit bowl in every house you go to, in fact, you are lucky if you don’t see a ‘fake fruit’ bowl instead.

If you want to be fit, one of the easiest things you can do is have a fruit bowl.  The reason behind this is that if fruit is easy to get and is in your sight, you are going to be more likely to reach for it.  You will replace many of your poor snacking choices with healthy snacking choices and you will be much less likely to pig out on calorie dense meals if you have been snacking on fruit during the day.

I cannot recommend enough having fruits available at all times in your house.  Still, some people have a very small list of fruits they like and even for people who like fruits, picking them out when they are ripe or ripening them at home can be very complicated and end up with no fruit when you want it and tons of rotten fruit when you actually check in on it again.

So, I am starting a series of tips on how to create a great fruit bowl (some fruits should be on a bowl on the counter and others should be in your fridge instead.)  I will go over this on a fruit by fruit basis in this section, beginning with fruits that I think most people would find the tastiest and moving on to more daring fruits, hopefully inviting you to give them a try.


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