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WordPress is banned in China too!

September 1, 2010

So, I couldn’t even access my WordPress account along my twitter account while I was in China.  I had no idea how hard that would be.  I had so many things I wanted to share while I was there, but alas, no access to share it.  In any case, I will be sure to post those thoughts in the next week or so.  A few initial ideas here though…


  • China was awesome.
  • The culture shock going from Vancouver was minimal, almost non-existent.
  • The culture shock of going from China to Disneyland was disturbing.
  • Almost everything I read about business in China was wrong.  China is huge and I am sure business in Shanghai or Hong Kong may be all business suits and no pointing, but that isn’t the case in north central China.
  • Most people in China are thin, but boy oh boy are they ever changing that with the increase in wealth.
  • I have heard that things have slowed down in China, but if that is slowed down, I would have hated to have seen them going fast because the entire country appeared to be building.
  • Everything from Cold Stone Creamery to McDonald’s is available in Beijing (future entry on my fast food comparisons to come shortly).
  • China is disturbingly capatalistic.
  • They lie even more in commercials in China.  In fact, there are far fewer regulations in China which really isn’t a good thing.
  • The people in China were so kind and giving it was fantastic to reinforce what I already know:  People are generally nice and kind the world over.
  • China isn’t noticeably in love with the west or the US.  They aren’t scarfing down Big Mac’s or embracing western culture.  Maybe it is the significant cultural output of China, the internet blocking or the language barrier.
  • The language barrier in China is amazing.  You get an idea of it when you look at the translations.  I was buckled over laughing constantly at the signs.
  • Being an over 40, unfit white person is a photo op, why couldn’t it be this way the world over….
  • There is a pervasive attitude of accepting whatever is.  It is very relaxing and given the traffic in Beijing, probably necessary.  I thought the driver was exaggerating when he said we may get caught in a 2 day traffic jam on the way to the Great Wall.  Meanwhile I discovered that there was a 9 day traffic jam going on a little further down the highway.  Where is the rapid transit?????

Los Angeles:

  • My god there are a lot of freeways in LA.  Way too many.  Where is the rapid transit????
  • The people in LA are relatively thin.
  • Food portion sizes and waste are out of control.  Every restaurant seems to have burgers, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and chicken strips as the sum total of their children’s menus, each and every one of them available with french fries (this is the kids pizza from the Cheesecake Factory, it is enormous).
  • Everyone should spend a little while observing the the quality of service in the US.  The quality and pride of service is unmatched.
  • The fastpass system at Disney is awesome.  Arial’s Grotto is a scam…
  • I found the epidemic of weight gain in the US.  I think Disneyland is a fair cross section of the american family and if so, the american family is in trouble.  I was totally unprepared for the amount of seriously overweight people.  What disturbed me more though was the high percentage of significantly overweight children.  The numbers are staggering!!  I wonder if there are any studies on obesity in families as opposed to single people and people without kids.

I am sure there are many more things to think of, but I am just glad to sit down at my computer for a few minutes and type.

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