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How bad is Special K© Fruit and Yogurt

June 14, 2010

Maybe this comparison will help you realize just how bad the Special K challenge© is.  Here is a head to head comparison of the healthy, diet super-food Special K© Fruit and Yogurt up against the most unhealthy breakfast food known to man and woman (assuming of course you don’t eat Twinkies© for breakfast) Froot Loops-a cereal so bad they had to spell fruit with two o’s. (Click the image below to enlarge-you can do this twice)

What next, the Froot Loops Challenge©?

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  1. June 14, 2010 11:54 am

    Hey Mark, this is a great article. It is incredible the power branding has to change perceptions of nearly identical products in health terms. I appreciate your efforts to keep readers informed of the important nutritional facts. I’m definitely retweeting this article.

    Also, I plan to link back in a future article on my Smart Living blog.


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  2. 14 Foods you Wouldn’t Believe are Bad for You | High Cholesterol Foods

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