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Does Fast Food Rot Day 9

May 11, 2010

Image #24: May 10th 8:42 AM.  The McDonalds burger keeps pulling out firsts, but maybe that is because the organic burger is such a blob of mold, it is hard to find the new stuff there, just a whole pile of fuzz….  There are three types of mold visible on the McDonalds burger.  Fuzz on the right, regular bread mold in the middle and weird white spots on the bottom left.  I wonder if any of these molds are noxious…

Image #25: May 1th 10:38 PM.  Wow… look at that… It is quite gross…  The McDonalds burger started out a little slower, but it is busy catching up.  Still nothing on the Burger King Burger nor the tomato.  I am getting a little worried about that burger….  It had better rot soon…

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