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Does Fast Food Rot Day 8

May 11, 2010

I missed a couple of posts as I am not the only one in the family doing a science experiment.  My eldest daughter is competing in a science fair this week and that is taking up a bunch of my time.  By the way, when I told my daughter I was doing a science experiment, she asked me what was my procedure, objective and explanation…  She was aware that these were required components of a scientific experiment.  If even a 9 year old understands what science is, why did about 1 million people accept the earlier assumption that McDonalds food doesn’t rot simply based on anecdotal evidence.

So, back to day 8.

Image #22: May 9th 7:47 AM.  Between the McDonalds burger and the organic burger things are getting pretty disgusting in here.  The smell of mold is overpowering.  I can’t imagine inhaling all of these mold spores is great for me, but probably not too harmful.  If my posts just end all of the sudden, you can use that last sentence as my famous last words…

Image #23: May 9th 10:49 PM.  There is a disgusting foam like mold flowing out of the McDonalds burger… it is probably the same mold as the hairy fur mold, but it is growing out of control and appears to be pouring off of the cheeseburger.

By the way, those holes in the top of the bun are from the fondue fork I have been using to lift the bun lids.  A little inside tip.  If you come over for fondue at my house, do not use the fondue fork with the picture of the cow on it.  I know I won’t be fighting for it….

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