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I hate Weekly Life & Style magazine

May 10, 2010

I have been hating Weekly Life & Style magazine for awhile, and not only because it is ‘Weekly’ and reminds us of that in its name.  Also not only because of the vapid celebrity gossip that graces its covers and pages either.  I personally don’t care what Madonna is up to or if Sandra Bullock is adopting a new kid.  I could care less who that girl from the Transformers is dating, because quite obviously, it isn’t me…  I really don’t care about these things, but I also don’t care if others do.  To each their own.  I am a recovering video game addict so I understand the joy in just wasting time.

My problem with Life & Style magazine is the incredible stupidity of their covers combined with the almost misogynistic treatment of woman’s body issues and weight gain and loss.

Seriously, does the editor of this magazine hate women?  I am not sure to tell you the truth.  He may respond with a simple, ‘I don’t hate women, I will just do whatever it takes to sell magazines and make money.’  I want to believe you man, I really do, but how do you show on a cover the body of Kim Kardashian with the bold headline ‘How I lost 5 lbs in 5 days’ and ‘Kim’s Revenge Body’ and right next to this show an emaciated Tori (Spelling presumably), starving to death…  Do you not get the irony of all of this…  Do you not see your role in the body image issues???  A nearly perfect body gets revenge on an athlete by losing just 5 pounds… hmmm… I wonder what message we are sending…  No matter, Life & Style make money off of women’s body issues whether they are fit, fat, anorexic, or needing larger breasts, so lets just ramp up the paranoia, drop the price and keep selling magazines….

That issue was just too much for me…  I haven’t even commented on the Heidi wanted bigger boobs… It seems likely that she may have body dysmorphic disorder, if rag magazines are actually to be believed.  If this is the case, stop putting it on your covers.  This isn’t healthy behavior and you shouldn’t be highlighting it as a pop culture phenomenon.  This cover is all sorts of bad.  This is the gold standard for irresponsible journalism… okay, I can’t call it journalism….   Irresponsible rag making….  Is that better?

Of course this brought us to last weeks magazine:

Yep, a bikini body slim down…  Summer is coming and it would be nice for all of us to lose a little weight and look better in a bikini?  So, who should we consult on losing some weight.  I am a 41 year old father of 2 who works full time as does my wife…  I am guessing most of the readers of this magazine are mothers as well with very little free time.  Who should we get to help us on this journey?  Who should our role models be?  Kendra (no idea of last name), Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba?!?!!?  Seriously?!?! Are you joking??  Why would you pick 3 insanely hot girls who don’t need to slim down to throw in our face right before bathing suit weather arrives???  The Kardashian instant buttlift?!?! Bret, I share your sage and wise disapproving, yet compassionate look, while you sit quietly in the corner, fighting for your life….  Who is making this magazine anyway!?!??!

I figured with the power of the internet I would find out who is the editor of this assault on the physical well being of women everywhere.  According to Bauer Publishing (apparently the rectum of the publishing industry, click the link to see why they are the rectum).

Editor-in-Chief | Life & Style Weekly

Dan Wakeford serves as Editor-in-Chief of Life & Style Weekly, Bauer Publishing Group’s weekly celebrity style authority.  Wakeford has more than 12 years of experience in the celebrity news business.  Most recently he served as editor of In Touch Weekly where he was in charge of overseeing all of the magazine’s celebrity news and entertainment coverage.

Prior to coming to the States to launch In Touch, Wakeford resided in England and worked as news editor of heat, where in two years, he successfully helped increase the magazine’s sales from 60,000 to 600,000. Wakeford also worked as Showbusiness reporter for The Sun, where he was responsible for bringing in the hottest gossip, lead items and exclusive photos that made The Sun’s Showbiz page the best in the U.K. Wakeford’s television, print and Internet credits include: Entertainment Tonight, E! News, CNN Headline News’ Nancy Grace, Associated Press, USA Today, Extra, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, WNYW Fox 5’s News at Ten and more.

This guy is all kinds of bad.  He was the showbusiness reporter for The Sun in england?!!?  He was responsible for bringing in the hottest gossip, lead items and exclusive photos?!?!  His resume includes Entertainment Tonight, E! News, USA Today and FOX….  I would like to suggest that he has sold his soul to the devil, but my understanding of that relationship has the devil taking your soul after you die…

Needless to say, Dan, you have made it to my Rogues Gallery (I would love to put him in it right now, but I am short on full body shots, so hiding head shots behind them is getting harder.  If anyone has a full body shot of Dan, including yourself Dan, please send it my way).

One last thing.  Dan, you have had the Kardashians on almost every cover.  You have the mom writing an advice column (I think it is the mom, my Kardashian knowledge is pathetically week).  Is there some partnership there or is one of those cases of serendipity, where you just happened on the opportunity of helping a celebrity tell her story in her words without any commentary or analysis at all, and you ended up selling more magazines…  You benefit, she benefits, and you can keep doing it over and over again, because we all know that the magazine industry likes a good formula….

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  1. Jonathan Hayes permalink
    May 29, 2010 4:10 pm

    Dan Wakeford is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He has worked very hard to get where he is today, supplying the celebrity-gossip-hungry public with all the fodder they need on a weekly basis; just like you are frging a career on knocking people who you’ve never even met. Congratulations, put yourself in your own rogues gallery! Jonathan Hayes

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      May 30, 2010 12:26 pm

      Hey Jonathan, I am sure Dan is a great guy. I bet that Jillian Michaels is a great person too. I am sure that many of the people in my Rogues Gallery are great people, awesome mothers and fathers and the life of the party. I certainly am not commenting on ay of these qualities, but instead I am commenting solely on their business practices and how they are effecting our society. Jillian Michaels sells pills for cleanses and detoxes to lose weight. Should her being a good trainer or a nice person exempt her from commentary on such a hypocritical and money grubbing activity? Dan Wakeford is the editor of a magazine that continually produces page after page of irresponsible reporting on celebrities and their diets and in some cases, fake diets. It is hurting our society and someone has to call him on it. He doesn’t get a pass on this because he is nice nor does he get a pass on this because the public is hungry for it. It is never an excuse for reprehensible behavior to suggest that one is doing it because it is in high demand and that makes it okay.

      • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
        May 30, 2010 12:27 pm

        As to whether I deserve to be in the Rogues Gallery or not, that is a tough one. Yes I am publishing my opinions on people whose behaviors I find are harming to other’s abilities to get fit. I think that I am right in doing this. I am doing my best to be as honest as I can be. I am including any commentary on my blog, even if it is negative towards me. In fact I am consistently attacking the people who would be very helpful to me if I want to be a successful fitness writer: the publishers and magazine editors. Yes I am trying to get a book published, but I am trying to do it the right way, and just for the record I do feel bad about having to call out people for their practices. I doubt any one of them intended to do harm. The gallery isn’t written in stone, anyone can get themselves out as well and everyone is free to defend themselves here on this blog or in their own publication.

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