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Does Fast Food Rot Day 6

May 8, 2010

It is official!  On Day 6 McDonalds food does rot!  Less than 144 hours after starting this experiment, before the tomato showed any rot at all, I have found a spot of mold on the McDonalds Cheeseburger.

Image #12: May 7th 8:08 AM.  Nothing new… the rot on the organic burger hasn’t changed much, no rot on anything else…  I guess overnight is a bad time for decomposition…

Image #13: May 8th 12:08 AM.  Sure, from the top everything looks fine, but look closely on the side of the McDonalds hamburger.

Image #14: May 8th 12:08 AM.  Right there, next to the cheese sure looks like a mold colony….

Image #15: May 8th 12:08 AM.  McDonalds burgers are not immune to mold… I am exhausted tonight so I will investigate this further in the morning, as well as checking out the Burger King burger.  I will lift the lids on all three of these bad boys and see how things look on top of the patty!  Still, it is shocking how quickly the burgers all got microbes on them…

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