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Does Fast Food Rot Day 5

May 6, 2010

Image #9: May 6th 8:01 AM.  Something smells a little moldy in here, but nothing visable….

WE HAVE ROT!!!  Okay, not rot, but mold, that counts doesn’t it!

Image #9: May 6th 9:16 PM.  Sure, looks good from here… but lets do a close up instead….

Image #10: May 6th 9:15 PM.  Wow, are those little greeny white things mold??  I could swear I smelled mold in the greenhouse!

Image #11: May 6th 9:15 PM.  This side of the burger is nothing but mold!  The little greeny white blobs definitely look like cheese mold.  Maybe they are transfered from the real cheese I put on the burger.  That other sort of web like looking mold looks totally different!!  I lifted all of the buns to see if there was some mold on the other burgers, but there was nothing…

Check out the tomato, still healthy as can be.  This is very early mold and only on the beef, the organic beef…  I wonder how long until this spreads… check back tomorrow and you may have an answer!

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