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Does Fast Food Rot Day 2…

May 3, 2010

Image #3: May 2rd 8:06PM.  I like what I am seeing… little bits of condensation on the lid!!  If I can get some more condensation going on here, I could get some rot fast…

Image #4: May 3rd 8:08 AM  Condensation gone… I am a little disgruntled with the weather.  I think this whole thing would speed up if we could get some heat going.  I think the next person to test this should use a heating pad to create a constant, warm, bacteria inducing temperature.

Image #5: May 3rd 7:18 PM.  I took the lid off to snap this shot… still nothing…  I need to make a logo for my own organic beef cheeseburger… maybe that will be in place by tomorrow so I have something to report….  Rot damn you…Rot!!!

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