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Does Fast Food Rot? Day 1

May 2, 2010

Image #1: May 1st 6:32 PM.  Tucked securely in for the night.  The order is Tomato, Burger King, Organic, McDonalds, Sponge.  I have no intention to shift them around as I do not want to touch them if they are rotting…

When I went to bed I lifted off the lid to leave it open for the night, but because of the freshness of the burgers, the smell was a little overpowering and given that I had to get up early on a Sunday morning for kids sports, I could not imagine coming downstairs to the smell of fast food hamburgers…  I am hoping the smell goes away a little so I can let these burgers get some bacteria/fly exposure…

Image #2: May 02, 7:31 AM.  Nothing to report… I do like the dimple in the bun on the organic beef burger by the way, that may pick up some moisture and be a spot that we see a lot of rot.  I did a bit of research on rotting, and this may take a little longer than the 4 or 5 days I was hoping for…  As well, as things start to rot (read, get exciting) apparently they begin to smell…  I am thinking I may have to build an outdoor coldframe for them.  Finally, I want to point out that only the beef in the organic beef cheeseburger is in any way organic.

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