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April 25, 2010

I copied some of the searches that ended up leading people to my blog the other day and I thought it would be fun to take a look at them.  I am not sure which search engine they are using, but I am pretty sure it isn’t google.  I am at least 5 pages back on any google search…

Without futher ado:

“peter horban philosophy”  How cool is this, someone is searching for my Philosophy professor at SFU. I just checked and he is still teaching, still focusing on ‘religious epistemology’. You would be shocked by how much you can learn about thought, argument, the human condition and science by studying religious epistemology. Peter Horban was one of my favorite profs as well.  The entry in which I discuss him is here.

“ftc + basic research” No doubt that shows up here, but there are so many other people who have written about Basic Researches problems with the FTC.  The stories about them are:

“kirstie alley show theme song”  This search always ends up at my blog in big numbers.  I hope people aren’t too discouraged to discover that I am not Yogi and the song isn’t available here.  The song is called ‘Picture Perfect’ and it is by Yogi Lonich.  You can visit his webpage here:  The song isn’t available there and he doesn’t have any online way to buy his music, but you can listen to his albums on his website.  He is really good.

“ab circle pro reviews” This issue has made me so angry.  These people have all of the angles to generate as many false positive reviews of their product as you can imagine.  They are everywhere, from affiliate reviews to plants.  The real reviews can be found here and trust me, the real reviews are so rarely positive that you can see the fake reviews a mile away.

“consumer reports” I am surprised that this search ever ends up on my blog, given that I only have one entry that discusses the Consumer reports findings on the Ab Circle Pro.

“ab circle pro before and after pictures” I think this is a combination of my entry on Before and After pictures, and my many articles on the Ab Circle Pro.

“arne astrup the sugar” I have no idea what Arne Astrup has to do with Sugar.  I still kind of like the guy even though he takes money from a company with a very checkered past.  I am guessing that at the end of the day, it is this kind of behavior that is really wrong.

“should i eat ham or turkey sandwich” My vote, either one is a good choice, but Turkey is probably a little better.  Put on lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and onions, and a little bit of salt and pepper and remember the thin bread.

“fact or crap statements about food and n” I love this search.  Apparently it cut off before the last word there, but I when I think of ‘fact of…’ I always go with fact or fiction.  This person chose fact or crap and it ended up here!

“trying to cut back on carbs and i am ext” Good job, think cutting back on carbs is a good thing, but I think we say this all wrong.  It isn’t that we need to cut back on carbs, in fact we need to increase our carb intake.  What we need to cut back on are refined carbs, sugar, flour, cooking, cakes, breads and strarches, potatoes.  We need to increase our intake of non-refined carbs such as fruits and vegetables.  Again though, I am left wondering if they were going to say, ”and i am extra interested in buying your book”…

“thin bread” I am the worlds biggest fan of thin bread (I think).  It isn’t that I think you should be eating thin bread, but if you are half as addicted to bread as I am, then you should be eating thin bread instead of normal bread.

“” Have I even said ab circle roller once?  This one has me stumped…

“kirstie alley pink drink” I still can’t believe this product exists.  With no science, no explanation behind it and a massively overweight spokesperson, developer…  It is so wrong I am confused.  The stupidest part of this product is that she has hired a personal trainer, is doing the PX90 and wants us to believe that her product is good for weightloss.  What a joke, this is just testimony to how foolish we as consumers are when it comes to celebrities.

“jillian michaels quickstart and detox &” I constantly get this search and variations on it.  This was my first real punch to the gut since I started getting involved in writing about fitness.  I knew that there were con-people everywhere.  I knew that people were happy to rip off overweight people, but I really thought things were moving in the right direction overall.  I thought that people were generally getting smarter about fitness and exercise and moving away from diet pills and cleanses and detoxes.  I also really liked Jillian Michaels yelling dismissive attitude, almost brimming with contempt for overweight people.  She really drove people to work hard because she valued hard work and knew there were no shortcuts.  Then she seems to lose her mind and believe that rather than all of the hard work she had been doing to be fit, it is actually some combination of organic foods, no soy and diet pills that will make you fit…  I was really disappointed.  Then I discovered who was making the pills, who the doctors were and after all of that, she was crediting some dietician who was cited by the FDA on numerous occasions, including her work on skin-care creams, as an expert!  To me, unfortunately, Jillian Michaels will always be a fraud because she never commented back on any of that, she just kept quiet and allowed her fame to insulate her and let her live her life as a hypocrite.

“kirstie alley big life what does kirstie” Finishing this search is a tough one.  What does Kirstie Alley think she is doing?  What does Kirstie Alley actually know about weightloss?   What does Kirstie want us to believe about her product?… the possibilities are endless?  What do you think they were searching for?

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  1. JanDar permalink
    May 8, 2010 5:47 pm

    Yogi Lonich was a last minute replacement.

    Carlos Bertonatti wrote and recorded “Perfect Picture” and was a featured part of Kirstie Alleys Aquathon 2009 24 hour twitterthon.
    it was Carlos version of the song that was originally slated to be used for the A & E TV show.
    he wrote the song.

    on a tragic note:
    Carlos Bertonatti was driving drunk and killed a man riding a bicycle in Miami Early this year
    he was denied bail because he had 3 passports in his possession and had a horrendous driving record.he is in jail awaiting trial. he is looking at 60 years in prison.
    lots of press on this one

    a link to the story

    for those interested in Carlos’s version of the song they can find it here.
    it is exactly the same musical score not for note,only the vocals have changed.

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