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Organic Liaison works… How????

April 6, 2010

“Our bodies are not designed to break down these chemicals, so we end up placing extra stress on our organs, which results in a build up of chemical substances where fat is stored. Think of your body as a house – where do you put all the junk you don’t need or use? You probably store it in the attic or garage, right? Well, these toxins end up stored in the fat areas of your body, leading to an increase in your weight.”~ Organic Liaison Website

I realize now that I was a little harsh pre-judging Organic Liaison before understanding how it works.  Maybe Kirstie Alley or a representative from the company can explain to me how this product is supposed to promote weightloss.  Not just the goal of the product (to prevent cravings for example), but much more importantly how it achieves this goal.

Anyone currently on the Organic Liaison program want to help explain how it works?  Why did you purchase it?

Please help me understand this product.

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