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Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Pt 2

April 5, 2010

A quick note.  I guess I am not the only one who likes the theme song to her show/scary product intro because hundreds of searches for her song are ending up at this blog.  The song is called ‘Picture Perfect’ and it is by Yogi Lonich.  You can visit his webpage here:  The song isn’t available there and he doesn’t have any online way to buy his music, but you can listen to his albums on his website.  He is really good.

So, now that is out of the way.

Now onto the second introductory video…

I don’t know if the irony of the claim, ‘the first certified organic weight loss system in the world’ is lost on others, but seriously…  We can get the government to certify organic but we can’t get them to certify weightloss claims.  Really.  So what this means is that no one who sells certified foods has ever sold them as a weightloss program…  Hell, there was an apple diet and there are organic apples…  This is the stupidest claim on the planet.

A weightloss breakthrough that is Affordable, convenient, really yummy, drug free, and one without meals that I can keep in my closet… WTF?!?!  Is that really a requirement of her weightloss products?!?!  I look at this list and I don’t know what to think…

“A Bone fide system…”

Bone Fide?!?!? Seriously… I wasn’t even entirely sure what Bone Fide meant so I had to look it up.  It just isn’t a phrase that you use too often.  Apparently it is latin for ‘In Good Faith’.  Is this product being delivered in good faith?!?  I don’t even know how to respond to that.  This product hasn’t been tested properly and their is no science behind it, so how can it be in good faith?!?  That said, I honestly think there is a good chance that Kirstie Alley really believes what she is making works, so how does insanity effect good faith??

” Instant access to the best of the best doctors and products in the world…researching and developing Organic Liaison for the past 2 years with the help of the greatest scientific minds on the planet.”

Ya, greatest scientific minds on the planet.  Come on, keep the hyperbole down to a believable level.  I am sure that there are excellent scientific minds working on diet and health products, but your product isn’t one of these.  Judging from how you refer to science later in this video, I am not even sure you had what we would refer to as an actual scientist working on your project.  In fact you are part of a strange cult that is called scientologists….  I am not even sure how that word breaks down.

“Organic Liaison is founded in science, which is provided for you to inspect in our ‘science department’.”

Could she be saying science in a more strangely dismissive manner?!?   It is like she is making air quotes while she is saying science…  It is appropriate that she is dismissive of the word science because her website doesn’t have the promised science section anywhere.  I guess maybe she was just hoping we didn’t notice.

Okay this next part just gets on my nerves…

‘the word liaison is a french word that means a linking up of things or people so that they can work together effectively, or in short liaison means linking.  Our job here at Organic Liaison is to link or escort you into the world of organic weightloss and make organic foods easy to locate, affordable and tastier than traditional food.’

Look, if you have to spend 2 minutes in your video explaining the name of your product, and you have to go from an obscure definition of liaison that literally no one on earth uses and then abbreviate it before actually tossing it away and saying instead you are escorting me (which is actually closer to the definition of liason that we actually think of)….  then either your name is stupid or you are for deciding to explain it…

Enough for the video, here is the review:

This product is crap.  Of that I am sure.  I can’t quite figure out how they think it is going to work.  I thought it was impossible to get a wider spread of buzzwords than Jillian Michaels Cleanse and Detox with Probiotics, but I was wrong.  I would love to review this product seriously, but there really isn’t any information as to how they think it will work other than offering up statements as to how individual supplements are supposed to work.

So far as I can figure this product is both a product and a subscription service. The product first then:

Rescue Me™ :a formula packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, helps to reduce cravings while giving you an energy boost. Rescue Me, the first ever USDA certified organic weight loss product, is a special formula that helps replenish the valuable nutrients that are sometimes lost when dieting. It also provides your body with high-quality organic ingredients, including essential vitamins, minerals, natural herbs, fiber and antioxidants.

Release Me™:a calcium and magnesium supplement essential for healthy weight loss. Calcium is not just good for strong bones and teeth, it helps to regulate heart rate, muscle contraction, and blood clotting.

Nightingale™: dietary supplement, designed to support a good night’s rest, is the premier liquid formula of L-Tryptophan currently on the market. L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, facilitates in reducing carbohydrate cravings, mitigating muscle pains, producing the key brain chemical serotonin and enhancing sleep and relaxation.

Relieve Me™: A natural cleanser containing digestive support herbs, Relieve Me helps to remove toxins from the digestive track and relieve occasional constipation sometimes associated with dieting. A healthy and clean colon shortens the occasional bout of gas and bloating that can occur when your dieting, supporting your digestive system, giving you more energy so you can continue losing weight without feeling sluggish and fatigued. †

Pagoda™: Pagoda is a specialty green tea extract that supports the body’s metabolism and assists with burning calories. Our green tea contains high concentrations of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals, or damaging compounds that alter cells. †

All Organic Liaison appears to be is a subscription service for supplements.  Supplements are not a healthy way to lose weight.

The website offers the following: Organic Liaison has online weight loss tools customized to fit YOUR body. We help you plan organic meals, discover new organic recipes to try and locate organic grocery stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants near you. With our tools, you’ll also have the support you need to lose weight and maintain your new body by interacting with other Organic Liaison members through blogging and Kirstie Alley’s Phitter™.

Okay, honestly there is just the standard crap on the website, including the introductory costs and a claim that the diet program is less than $5 a day!?!?  Seriously, this pile of crap costs over $1500 a year!?!? Still, in all of the information on the website, the one thing that is missing is that annoying ‘science’ section that Kirstie told me about.

There is this though “Our bodies are not designed to break down these chemicals, so we end up placing extra stress on our organs, which results in a build up of chemical substances where fat is stored. Think of your body as a house – where do you put all the junk you don’t need or use? You probably store it in the attic or garage, right? Well, these toxins end up stored in the fat areas of your body, leading to an increase in your weight.”

Are they seriously saying we weigh more because of the toxins in our fat cells?!?  Toxins may refer to heavy metals and heavy metals must be heavy.  Putting those in our fat cells must make us heavier…  I must say this is a little more scientific than I was expecting from these people.

That is all we get from this program…  that and Kirstie Alley, a person who lost weight on the Jenny Craig weightloss program, yet in the 2 to 3 years she has developed this product, she hasn’t lost any weight…  not very convincing.

Next up, her reality TV show.  I need to write this up quickly because apparently ratings are bad…

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  1. jennifer handke permalink
    April 11, 2010 2:31 pm

    Have you tried the products? Done any research on the ingredients? Anything beside look at the website?

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 11, 2010 10:30 pm

      Hey Jennifer, thanks for the comments.

      With respect to trying her products, no I have not. With respect to researching her ingredients, that is harder said than done. I am not aware of a comprehensive list of ingredients for her products (although many have asked), just some highlights. The highlighted ingredients have never been scientifically shown to help with long term weightloss. No one claims that either organic foods themselves create weightloss and no one claims that anit-oxidants create weightloss.
      Without any additional information coming out of Kirstie or her Organic Liaison corporation, I have to respond to what I have. Because I kind of like Kirstie Alley I did her the courtesy or asking her several times to explain how her product works. As well, she claims there is a science section for her product, but there isn’t one.
      I am adamant that if you are going to sell your weight loss product into my market you HAVE to produce proof up to current scientific standards that shows your product does what you claim! If Kirstie has done this, I would love to see it, I really am open minded.

  2. anne permalink
    April 11, 2010 6:16 pm

    It appears many of the positive testimonials about the program are from fellow members of the ‘church’ of scientology. I wonder if they have a department of science.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 11, 2010 10:22 pm

      Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, it does look like Kirsty has an assortment of followers, aver 600,000 on twitter! Even people without many followers have a few friends or employees that they can dress up as successful product users. All testimonials are suspect to me, I just want to see the science!!

  3. jennifer handke permalink
    April 12, 2010 3:15 pm

    The vitamins and minerals she does mention as being part of her “rescue me” elixir are readily available in a multi-vit; and of course eating organic will make you healthier just by process of eliminating preservatives and increasing the amount of unprocessed foods you are consuming. The green tea capsules are another item that is available in any health food/pharmacy store, and which has NOT been endorsed by the FDA as having proven benefits.
    I bet you could take 2 people, put one on her system, and the other one on a multi-vitamin and cut out processed food and increase fruits and veggies and get the same results.
    I don’t think it would cost $150 a month to buy a multi-vit at the pharmacy either.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 13, 2010 10:27 pm

      Jennifer you are absolutely right, if you reduce the amount of processed foods you will get fitter, but the problem is so many processed organic foods are showing up on the market, which will make it much harder to lose weight with an organic diet….
      As well, the $150 a month for a little pink drink full of antioxidants (note: strawberry, raspberry, orange, grape and blueberry juice are all full of antioxidants) is insane. Thinking you will lose weight drinking it is even crazier.
      So you are right I think the person who cuts out processed foods, increases fruits and veggies and takes the mulit-vitamin will lose a ton more weight than the organic liaison follower, but I think if you are eating fruits and veggies, you don’t even need the multi-vitamin.
      Thanks so much for your comments!

  4. JanDar permalink
    April 14, 2010 6:05 pm

    the testimonials on the site are bogus,among them are ,Jim Hazel (Chubby Buddy) on the A&E show ,Lisa Minor a close personal friend of Kirstie and a producer of Harpo(Oprahs Show)
    RM is Robin Mandrel Shereshevsky (Employee of Organic Liaison)Marketing
    and in the video we have Peggy Crawford Long time employee of Kirstie and (Organic Liaison Ceo) also Jo Lauricella (longtime personal assistant to Kirstie) as well. with the exception of Lisa Minor the above mentioned are all Scientologists. so far the persons on the web site are either employees of Organic Liaisons,or work for Kirstie, or are friends..seems a little say the least.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 14, 2010 10:03 pm

      First and foremost, great detective work!

      I knew that Jim was of course an employee of Kirstie’s, and I had already discounted him, not only for being an employee, but more importantly because he started training with a personal trainer when he started taking the product. How can you give a testimonial of a diet product when you start a workout routine at the same time?!!? It is crazy…

      As for the rest of the testimonials… come on!!! I get that you want to get people who speak well about your product. I understand that you can’t find anyone to speak well about your product because it is crap and it clearly hasn’t worked for anyone, but it is so lazy to get your employees to give the testimonials… Peggy Crawford, Organic Liaison CEO?!?!? That is so thinly veiled I can’t imagine the company can move this product… At least get family members of employees…

      Thanks so much for you comment.

  5. MindandBody permalink
    April 15, 2010 6:36 am

    The only scientific claim they make,on the web site,and it isn’t the least bit scientific,states that “toxins get stored in your fat cells”. thats really the only information there at Organic Liaison,and some very bad information at that.

    I started to google a few things,whats really disturbing about the claim,and what I have learned is that Scientology also runs alcohol-drug rehab programs Called “Narconon”and “Second Chance” or as part of a program called “Criminon” and also another program called the “purification rundown” that makes the same exact claim that its purpose is “”flush toxins out of fat tissue” .
    The program combines exercise, dietary supplements and long stays in a sauna (up to five hours a day for five weeks),dangerously high doses of Niacin sometimes up to 5000mg!, (anything above 35 mg is harmful)and other assorted vitamins again in extremely high doses,and also an elixir generally referred to as “Cal-Mag” which looks to be the same as the “Release me” formula that Organic Liaison is offering.

    while exercise, dietary supplements,in moderation are beneficial,and important to a successful diet program..abusing them to the extent of the “Purfication Rundown” can be deadly.

    most web sites that aren’t affiliated with Narconon say unequivocally it is Junk Science,dangerous,and harmful.

    also on my google search I learned that Kirstie Alley has been a spokesperson for Narconon in the past.

    surprisingly there are hundreds of web sites,here a a few basic ones,anyone who wants to look into it more you can:

    you may remember the name James Authur Ray in the news recently if not google it.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 15, 2010 10:23 am

      Thank you so much for the comment!

      I find the claims behind detox diets vacuous and absurd. There is no science to support this unnatural accumulation of unnamed toxins in our bodies and there is even less to support any one diets methods of ‘detoxifying’. Junk science claims make me angry! One of my favorite blogs is the junk science watchdog blog by Ben Goldacre,
      I find the notion that dietary supplements are important to weight loss absolutely mind-boggling, especially given the fact we live in a time of plenty and malnourishment just doesn’t occur for the obese. This belief that there is just one missing key vitamin or mineral that is keeping us from getting fit is an appealing thought, but it is just wishful thinking. Which vitamin? Which mineral? How much? Where is the science? Why would you pay someone money without having evidence that you even need the vitamin/mineral?
      It appears that this diet being based upon principles taught in scientology would explain the 30 or 40 ‘Release Me’ packages that have sold (number estimated from tweets). If people are susceptible to fundamental beliefs that vitamins or minerals solve problems and releasing these imaginary toxins will help, then they are much more likely to buy a product like this with NO SCIENCE BEHIND IT!
      As for her being the spokesperson for Narcanon. She was a cocaine addict and addictions can be so strong. Actually, the fact that Scientology can use drug rehabilitation as a fertile breading ground for members is more of an indictment on the unacceptably low levels of attention and effort that our society has put into helping those with addiction. My brother in law was a drug addict and he had no success getting clean. He eventually signed up for a Narcanon program in Northern California. I remember, right before he went, we were playing video games and talking and he turned to me and I could actually see the fear in his eyes, and he said, ‘I don’t want to come back a scientologist!’. He was scared that they would brainwash him, and he was right to be scared. Here, to kick his drug habit he was willing to risk this outcome, he was so desperate for the help they offered.
      He did kick the habit, never going back to it after his rehab, and so far as I know, it was just a very effective supporting group for getting clean and sober. There were principles of scientology taught I am sure, but he wasn’t brainwashed upon his return.


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