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Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Pt.1

March 23, 2010

A quick note.  I guess I am not the only one who likes the theme song to her show/scary product intro because hundreds of searches for her song are ending up at this blog.  The song is called ‘Picture Perfect’ and it is by Yogi Lonich.  You can visit his webpage here:

So my brother brought this one to may attention and I have been mulling it over for several days before posting my thoughts…  I still am in a state of shocked bemusement regarding the website and it is effecting my ability to comment on the product effectively.  I don’t think I can tackle this whole diet (especially because it includes the reality show Kirstie Alley’s Big Life), in one entry, so right now I am just going to explore the introduction to this new product…

The introductory video on the website is… well…. okay…I can’t describe it, I have thought about describing it and I have no words. It is embedded below for your viewing enjoyment, or go to and be sure to click the ‘click here to begin’ button:

This is shocking…  disturbing.  First, I do find the song quite catchy, and it was only this evening that I discovered that this song is also the theme song to her new reality TV show (she has a similarly animated beginning to that show with some slight differences.  Think more lemurs less firemen).  I guess when you have a good song, you should use it as many times as you can, but why in the world does she have the disturbing caricature of Kirstie alley with multi-coloured eyelids,  drugged half lidded eyes, and a mouth drawn into a strange imitation of a person who suffered a stroke?!?!  It almost feels like the person drawing the caricature of Kirstie actually didn’t like her and this was done without her permission and approval….

Even more disturbing than the initial sighting is watching her shimmy around fat and then thin with her drunk dance.  It is like arriving at a New Year’s Eve party at 12:30.  Sure, had you been there a few hours earlier you would be drunk too, but now it is too late and everyone looks so annoying and you can’t quite understand what is going on in front of you and why you would want to be watching this…

The video is like a video warning, a public service on what can happen when you drink.  Sure, Kirstie doesn’t look that appealing in the beginning, but right before your eyes she looks better and better and with every pull on her drink, she appears to get drunker and drunker, and strangely, apparently so do I.  It is like I am putting on the beer goggles as the video progresses…  Next thing you know, a cartoon version of me is going to be waking up beside her, wondering… oh my god, what happened!!?!?!

My favorite moment is when the larger than life Kirstie bends over to show us her ample rump and then looks over her shoulder with that disturbing facial expression described above and a knowing look in her semi-comatose eyes while shaking her butt, as if saying, ya, I know you aren’t that drunk yet, but the night is young and you can’t resist the power of the drink… as she spins towards the camera and point to her ridiculous pink drink and takes a swig…  Oh cruel booze, how often you have shared with us so much joy and beauty in this world, only to steal it all back in the morning with the harsh glare of reality…  Public service done!  The video worked on me.  This weekend, I am going to the gym and getting an early nights sleep.  Fool me once alcohol… fool me once…

There are so many things to comment about in this video, I am afraid I have only scratched the surface… like why the fireman?? I get the businessman, but why the fireman???  What is with that knock kneed dance routine?  This is a cartoon, you could make anyone a good dancer, why make the dance look so drunk as well… is there some subliminal adult message I should be picking up on??  Is there a scientology message here I am missing?  What do you think?  What is your favorite part?

By the way, I hope no one thinks I am being derogatory to Kirstie Alley or her battle with weight because I am not.  I am not criticizing the animation either.  It is a great animation, really top notch, but who thought a cartoon was a good idea to sell a weight loss product.  To me, this just points to some terrible decisions being made at the top of this company.  I don’t just mean terrible either, I mean downright embarrassing.

In the end, I think it is the use of this animation, an animation that shows off the main character in the weightloss battle so terribly, that is so funny, not Kirstie’s battle with weightloss.  I actually have liked Kirstie Alley since her ‘Fat Actress Show’ (which I will talk more about in part 2 or part 3 of this ongoing series…).  Compare this to the very successful use of Jennifer Nicole Lee as the spokesperson for the Ab Circle Pro, a miss bikini diva winner, long before the Ab Circle Pro was even a concept for Fitness Brands Inc.  This is going to be an ongoing problem that I have with her product and her TV show and I think an insurmountable problem for the public in general.  In any case, I think I am going to keep a copy of this video on my computer (I love this video!!) along with Ellen and the Shake Weight and my copy of Popozao by Kevin Federline (seriously, nothing will make you laugh longer and more consistently than this song… it is brilliant, you just have to remember that this was his first attempt at becoming a commercial rapper).  There are just some things so funny that they will cheer you up on even the most miserable days. So after this disturbing introduction to her product, I am ready for anything…  I think…

So, what do you think, is this a train wreck or brilliant marketing?

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  1. June 24, 2014 8:53 pm

    J’ai trouvée ce blog par chance : je ne le regrette point !


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