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3 Minute Legs

March 22, 2010

This could be, without a shadow of a doubt, the dumbest exercise device I have ever seen.  This is really saying something, given the Ab Circle Pro and Ab doer…

Witness for yourself the glorious stupidity of the 3 minute legs…

The secret behind this device:

The secret is a design breakthrough called guided assistance technology that supports you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up. It unloads stress from your joints so you can sculpt all the muscles in your legs and buns without all the strain on your knees and back. Anyone can do it. 3 MINUTE LEGS™ makes it fast and fun.

I like the fact that they threw the 3 minutes into the name.  It isn’t enough to just have a 3 minute exercise device, or include 3 minutes in the tagline, no, you need to throw the 3 minutes into the device name.  How did they decide on 3 minutes anyways.  I never thought we were never going to go under 7 minutes, bad things happen when you go under 7 minutes:

So, what is the science behind this device?

Science: What’s so remarkable about the 3 MINUTE LEGS™ is it uses a principal called unloading.

It supports your body weight in just the right amount to let you do the exercises correctly. When you’re lined up, using the right amount of weight, your muscles get the optimum results.

So, the idea appears to be that doing a squat properly with little or no resistance for 3 minutes is better than hours spent in the gym…  Seriously?!??!  Are you really trying to sell this story!?!?

Wait a minute though… there are some awards that deserve mentioning, like this one:

Does anyone think that an award from the Electronic Retailing Association says anything about the quality of the product you are selling?!!?  That is like getting an award from the Association of Confidence Men and Women of North America…

Okay, but there is this:

According to the website: 3 MINUTE LEGS™ is so remarkable, it was awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval by the National Health and Wellness Club.

Prestigious Seal of Approval… Prestigious huh, well, Today’s National Health and Wellness turns out to be a magazine with an online club that among other things, tests products.  Okay, so what have they tested and approved?  Well, we have Caffeine Test Strips, Foot Flush (a fun shaped pedal that flushes your toilet), Wound Honey, Spot on Energy Patch, Hair Color Touch-up, Ab-Doer Twist, Artistry Microdermabrasion system.  All in all, 16 seemingly random products.

So what do the testers of the 3-Minute Legs have to say about the product?

“I recommend this product because as a senior citizen, I find most equipment difficult to use. I found this very simple to use, while I felt it doing its job from the very first time I used it.”

Actually, when I saw this device I actually thought it might make sense for people in rehab or who are senior citizens.

First, squats and lunges are great exercises.  They are only part of a workout though.  Don’t buy an exercise device that only does part of a workout, unless you have a fully stocked gym.  Second, you are paying $100 for an exercise device that reduces the effectiveness of squats and lunges.  It is an exercise device that helps you do squats and lunges.  You don’t need something that makes exercise easier because easy exercise isn’t exercise.  Third, anyone who claims that their product can give a good cardio workout in 3 minutes is an idiot.

I think my favorite part of the website is the part where they link to the 3 minute legs as featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Don’t they know that Ellen makes fun of ridiculous products on her show??  Don’t they know that she is sending up their product?  I think they probably do, but think that the purchaser won’t.  They won’t understand why she is bringing out the Shake Weight.    Speaking of Shake Weight, Ellen’s shows with the shake weight are the funniest things I have ever seen…  The first in the series is below, enjoy!

Oh, and maybe that was a little bit of hyperbole in my opening sentence.  The shake weight is still the most ridiculous exercise device I have ever seen…

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  1. March 22, 2010 2:49 pm

    Just another waste-of-time exercise gimmick! What the hell will they think of next?

    Site is looking great by the way…

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      March 22, 2010 5:12 pm

      Hey Neil,

      Great to hear from you. I have been watching your progress, and great job!! I am impressed with your willpower and I am cheering for you every step of the way! Thanks for the nice comments!

      When I am trying to eat less, I have one scoop of Syntha-6 protein powder (I am sure any protein powder will do, but I know the calorie count of Syntha-6) in one cup of skim milk and some ice cubes blended up. It really fills me up (although I do try to eat a piece of fruit with it because I tend to get cranky when I don’t get any carbs). You don’t have to add the milk either, some people prefer it with water. With milk it is 300 calories, with water, 200. I sometimes do it for lunch as well.

      Take Care,

  2. March 26, 2010 7:56 pm

    The Shake Weight has been the smartest addition to my workouts…giving me a total upper body burn in just minutes. I will say that the results depend upon your form, which I had to get used to -thanks to the instructional DVD that came along with the product…but once you get the hang of it – you’ll keep in on you at all times – TRUST me. I just bought one for my car! This dynamic inertia science is extremely interesting…I read the science behind it and was wildly impressed – the company is happy to share that information. All in all I highly recommend this product.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      March 26, 2010 8:15 pm

      Thanks for the comment Julie. I am heartened to hear that you have gotten a total upper body burn in just minutes with a 2.5 POUND WEIGHT!!!
      Look, I don’t have a problem with the idea of dynamic inertia, I am sure that actually works, but no one is going to get fit using a 2.5 pound shake weight. It bothers me beyond your imagination to see the makers of the shake weight imply that you can get muscularly fit using a device like this. You can’t. There are actual ways to get fit and they don’t include any one gimmicky device. I am not saying that the shake weight couldn’t be used to tone your arms, if you were sufficiently weak to begin with, but I am saying that toned arms are miles away from being fit. Finally, about the ad… I cannot believe for a second they chose those poses for the ad without knowing full well that the humor would get the product out there, and then they could have affiliate marketers or staff go around and tell people that the shake weight worked for them and go check out the website for all of the excellent information the company delivers…


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