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More Ab Circle Pro Shenanigans…

February 1, 2010

It isn’t every day you get to use the word Shenanigans, but hey, without swearing it was the best word I could think of to describe the ludicrous and morally corrupt marketing for  Ab Circle Pro that is being done on the internet.  I was going to call this post, ‘I Hate Liars and their Lying Advice’, but then I realized it was a little too close to an earlier posting.

The thing that is annoying me most right now is the videos that Jennifer Nicole Lee is putting on YouTube.  I am not sure if I can’t comment on them because they are ‘in her channel’ or if she is deleting them and re-adding them on a regular basis to clear out the comments… Either way, it is just another one of the continuing attempts by the Ab Circle Pro people to drown out the overwhelmingly negative press that their product is getting, like the Consumer Reports review:

But don’t expect weight loss results in just three minutes a day, as the advertisement claims.  Our testers found that although the Ab Circle Pro does target your core abdominal muscles, the three-minute workout burns about the same amount of calories as a brisk three-minute walk. As for me, I can think of a simpler, more budget-friendly way to tone my abs and reduce my love handles: my $20.

And the video concludes:

You can save yourself a couple of hundred dollars and skip it.

Consumer reports is a pretty reliable source for information, so anyone out there who has some belief that this product will help you, now you know the truth.

Still, the Ab Circle people are trying to get you to buy their product.  After removing the shocking video of Jennifer Nicole Lee honestly telling us how she really gets fit that was linked to by my earlier post about the Ab Circle (I have to be honest with you, it is one hell of an awesome and brutal workout-that woman has earned that body of hers), and the hilarious video of the CEO of the company trying out the Ab Circle Pro in the factory and nearly toppling off with the funniest scared expression on his face, I have stopped linking to the You Tube content that they put up.  As well, I have stopped commenting on the videos as they either don’t approve them, or remove the video and re-add it sans negative comments…

Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Latest Video:

Still, there is a brilliantly funny video that ‘THE Jennifer Nicole Lee’ (yes, as her new first name she has an article instead of a name). I will give you the highlights of the video below (my internal monologue as I was watching this video is in blue) and provide a link, although I don’t know how long the video will be at the end of the link before being replaced with an ad (

The video opens with Jennifer Nicole Lee talking to the camera, standing in the gym she works out in.

JNL: So, you see all of my  workouts here, but I’ve got the real secret weapon that gives the edge off my competion.  Let’s go back into the parking lot and I am going to show you what I bring everywhere with me wherever I go, rain or shine. Seriously, she doesn’t keep her Ab Circle Pro in the gym where she works out all the time…  WTF?!?  Wait a minute, is she going outside? Is this some kind of a joke?

The camera follows her out across the parking lot to her Escalade parked at the curb.  OMG!  She seriously expects us to believe that she keeps a fully built Ab Circle Pro out in her car and when she is ready to do her workout, she actually goes out and gets it!?  This is ridiculous.  NOBODY ON EARTH WOULD DO THIS.  Why isn’t the Ab Circle Pro in the gym?  The gym looks pretty big and there is tons of crap lying around it, including massive truck tires, bosu balls, swedish balls, punching bags, a whole locker area stocked full of exercise crap… why wouldn’t she just have an Ab Circle in the gym????  I get it, the gym owners (and probably she herself) would be too embarrassed to have such a piece of crap in the gym. People would laugh at them.

JNL:  Le’ts pop that trunk and see what we have here, this is what gives me an award winning body. This is my secret weapon that helps me fight the war on fat and win every time.  I am confused, why would you have to win a war more than once?  Isn’t winning the war a sort of final thing? Get a look into that, what is in my hatchback there?  Wow, good thing she has an Escalade because that thing takes up her whole trunk.  I hope she never needs to get groceries because she has no where to put them.  Let me tell you what, I don’t travel without it, and I bring it into the gym, but I don’t like leaving it in the gym because it is too precious to me, I DON’T WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE IT.  Okay, this is a joke right?  Number one, you probably have hundreds of the things in your garage at home.  You have so many you are probably propping up tables with them, so don’t act like you have one precious Ab Circle. The cost of manufacturing it is probably about $12 as well, so it is worth less than a single free weight. That makes me wonder though, what gym do you work out at?  Is it full of thieves?  What about all of that exercise crap I saw in the gym before?  Why doesn’t that walk away if your Ab Circle Pro keeps walking away?  Did you check the dumpster last time it went missing? I don’t want them to steal it from me.  So I am going to bring this inside now and I am going to do some workouts with it.  See how lightweight it is. It does look lightweight, eg CHEAP, but awkward as hell too.

She gets the Ab Circle Pro out of the back of the Escalade and carries it into the gym.

I love my Ab Circle Pro, I take it everywhere I go Thanks Dr. Suess and it really keeps me tight and toned, hits my abs in all different areas and it is so compact, convenient, I even take it to the football field sometimes when my sons go play their sports, mommy goes with it-Yah because running a few laps around the field or running up and down the stairs at the stadium are so damned inconvenient-and ummm it really does give me such an amazing burn in my abs, I whittle my middle, I carve up my core, you missed your calling as the Dr. Suess of children’s fitness writers-wheeeewww damn straight wheeewww it looks like you are carrying a wheelbarrow in front of you, not wheeling it but carrying it.  It also looks like it is biting into your thighs pretty brutally and you have only walked about 20 feet.  I would hate to see what you look like after carrying it further than 20 feet.  You are really struggling with that thing, and you are really fit!!  Wait a minute, that explains it, everyone is using the Ab Circle Pro wrong.  Carry it, don’t sit on it….  & I can’t wait to show you my workout.

This whole video clip, from beginning to end (it goes on and it doesn’t get any better) is unbearably stupid.  Nobody carries their fitness equipment with them to a gym.  Nobody.  If the gym won’t let you keep it there than get the hint, IT ISN’T AN EXERCISE DEVICE it is a cleverly marketed stamped plastic disc that is as effective as a brisk 3 minute walk.  Nobody gets fit doing a 3 minute walk.  It is a good start to be sure, but it isn’t going to get you a body that looks ANYTHING like Jennifer Nicole Lee’s no matter how much she claims it will.

If you think that she is seriously scared that of all of the items in that gym, the Ab Circle Pro is likely to get stolen, or that she is worried that it might, you have to seriously get your head checked.  Jennifer Nicole Lee has no problem playing with the truth to make herself money.  She had no problem letting people believe that she lost 80 pounds on the Ab Circle Pro.  I have no idea if I can legally tell you what I think of Jennifer Nicole Lee or what she says, nor am I going to take a chance.  If she would be willing to lie about the use of a product though, and she would be willing to lie about losing weight on it, why would you trust anything that this company says, especially when all other evidence, including impartial reviews point to this device being slightly more useful than getting up to change the channel on your TV.  You will have to determine for yourself if you think she is lying though.

Damned Affiliate Marketers:

This brings to me some sons of bitches that I know are lying.  The affiliate marketers.  They are everywhere.  There are at least a dozen tweets today from them.  They look just like you and me, there really is no way to tell who they are.  They ask questions like, ‘Does the Ab Circle Pro Work?’ and then include a link to their affiliate webpage, or ‘Get Ripped and Torn Abs’ with the same link…  Sometimes you go right to the hardsell page, other times, you get a seemingly unbiased review which offers you a link to other reviews which are in fact, the hardsell page.  The one that has me most pissed off today is this one:

Here is what the about me says in this free wordpress blog page:

Hi, my name is Justin Alenburg and I work in the IT industry in Mesa, AZ. Since I am a “computer guy” (that is what my wife calls me) she asked me to set up this blog for her.
So as any good husband would do to keep his beautiful wife happy… here is her blog about her favorite new machine she loves more than me (just kidding).

If any one else is interested in telling their experience with the Ab Circle please feel free to leave a comment below!

I really wish this is Justin Alenburg’s real webpage for his affiliate marketing schemes and he was stupid enough to use his real name.  If anyone knows Justin, drop me a line and tell me if that is he and his wife lovingly embracing in the image there on the webpage.  Oh, and don’t bother trying to leave a comment, of course they don’t approve them and none of them are real anyways…  He is actually pretty good at this as he even advertises one of his other affiliate marketing plans, the  It actually looks like someone is hijacking his comments.  BRILLIANT!

That aside, this is the stupidest website I have ever seen.  It reads like a commercial.

I visited my sister in Seattle last November during thanksgiving and as we sat for dinner this advert came up on the television featuring Jennifer Nicole advertising Ab Circle. I guess you must have seen the advert too. If not here is the site where you can see….

I thought the worst that could happen was that I would use it for 30 days and if it does not work for me I will return it and get a full refund. So I purchased it online from there site hereand it arrived  after a few days (because I paid for the expedited shipping I could hardly wait). It came with the machine itself, a nutritional guide and instructional DVD lasting 3 minutes, there are some other optional upgrades that comes with it too including a calorie-counter if you want it.

* The Ab Circle is extremely simple to set up and store, and didn’t take up a large amount of space.

* Backed by a full refund.  If you are not happy with the product for any reason, you have thirty days to return it and get your money back.

The Ab Circle does work as advertised.  It not only works your abs, but it also strengthens your back, shoulders and hip thanks to the patented design.  It must be said that it does recommend you do other kinds of exercise as well combined with Ab Circle and eat right. Ab Circle is definitely worth trying out.  It offers a free trial and if you feel it is not working for you, just simply return it.  As with any exercise machine it is recommended you eat healthy (so stay away from the Twinkies).   Stick to the instruction given in the Nutritional guide that comes with it (that’s all I did) and you will definitely see astonishing results!

If that isn’t offensive enough, here are some of the comments:

  • i wish i had read this article before i purchased my abs machine. i purchased the ab rocker over two months ago and after steady use i had finally decided to give up on it. maybe i will give the ab circle a shot before i disregard the whole exercise thing.
  • Good article, I made the right choice two months ago and bought the Ab Circle. I am glad I never purchased any other ab equipment as my results with the Ab circle have been tremendous. People are starting to comment that I must spend hours each day in the gym but I know my success is down to the wonderful Ab Circle.
  • What a brilliant post, my daughter and I had been wanting to get fit, but did not have the time or money to go to the gym, and this seems to be our perfect solution!
  • I wish I never found this page, I just ordered ab countour today. I will give it a try anyway but if if it doesn’t work I will try to get as much of my money back as possible on craigslist and get the Ab Circle Pro. Sounds like the real winner to me.
  • It’s me again, reporting back with my experiences.So I have been using my Ab Circle for 6 weeks and WOW it really works. My tummy is flatter and my abs are a lot tighter and more toned. I’m going to continue using this ab circle machine and if the results I have gotten thus far are anything to go by I’m sure I am going to be happy in the future. -Jessica PS: Support is there 24/7 if you have any questions. I was worried at one point that they weren’t going to deliver it for weeks, but when I phoned up they were able to pinpoint exactly where my order was.  Hope it is ok to share the site here.
  • thanks so much 2 everyone that has posted their true experiences. i’ve seen alot of reviews, both good & bad. my husband & i are both wanting 2 get in better shape..he just wanting 2 tone up & i’m wanting 2 both lose weight & tone up, trying 2 reconstruct my body after having 2 children one right after the other :) after reading everyone’s stories my husband & i are both convinced…were going 2 purchase the ab circle pro!!

What an absolute pile of crap this website is.  It probably took all of about 20 minutes to set up.  The lure of the affiliate marketing world must be tremendous.  There is a fortune in this.  You just apply for a code, set up your websites and then include the code in your link, tweet your site and you make good money on every product sold.  Hundreds of people do this, start writing fake reviews and fake comments in real reviews, trying to protect the products reputation, as they are making a mint of its sales as well, and next thing you know, we are drowning in lies and greed.  Many of you affiliate marketers may be decent people who don’t have a lot of money trying to earn for your family.  I am sure most of you aren’t bad people, just people trying to make a living.  The thing is, you are making the world a much worse place by making egregious scams appear legitimate.  I have $200 I could spend on this Ab Circle Pro and the worst thing that will happen is I will lose my pride when I end up not getting anything near six pack abs.

There are a lot of people out there, struggling to keep their heads above water.  They are busy and stressed out and have no time to make their own meals.  They are buying cheap fast food, not sure why they are getting fat and using their last dollars to buy an Ab Circle Pro because they are desperate and they are believing your lies about 3 minutes a day.  You are taking so much from them.  Their kids are going to watch their parents get taken advantage of, and the whole family may go without things they actually need, like real healthy food.  Do you really want families growing up in this environment in our countries? Is this the world you want to live in?  Is this the ‘Change’ you want to be?

A funny Ab Circle Tweet:

On a humorous note, I saw the funniest tweet about the Ab Circle Pro today from USER2155:

@THEJNL Hi Jen. In our college we’re all doing a newsletter and I’m going to do one on fitness tips which includes the Ab Circle Pro workout

@THEJNL Plus, if we can, we might include it in our gym. Goodbye Ab King Pro, hello Ab Circle Pro, that’s my motto. Bye XXX

What college has a newsletter that would include fitness tips from the Ab Circle Pro workout?!!? Should I begin to worry about the state of our higher education….  I am just imagining a school from one of those farces on TV where some kids start their own school, or maybe the tweet was from a ‘late night infomercial school’ and the Ab Circle Pro is an advanced degree…  My favorite line is the Goodbye Ab King Pro, hello Ab Circle Pro that is my motto…  OMG…  I just checked out the Ab King Pro ad (which I will be doing a blog entry on shortly)… I am laughing my ass off…  I have to wipe the tears out of my eyes to finish this post…  If I had one of those I might have the same motto…  Maybe this school is some sad 3rd world college right next to the dump and they get all of the old exercise devices that survive the recycling process…  They just can’t wait until we start throwing out our Ab Circle Pros…  don’t worry USER2155, judging from how many are available for resale, that won’t be long…

Ab Circle Pro and Good Morning America?!?!

Finally, earlier this month Jennifer Nicole Lee posted some tweets claiming that the ‘Ab Circle Pro’ was going to be on pronounced by Good Morning America to be the Exercise device of the year.  This was supposed to happen on the morning of January 15th.  I couldn’t believe this.  It did seem a little impossible, and you can imagine you wouldn’t want to be anywhere around me when I feared that a mainstream, albeit pathetic news show was going to announce that this device was the exercise device of the year?!!?!?…   (also, why would anyone announce anything being the best of the year on January 15th…  a little late for end of the last year and a lot too early for this year).  So I set my PVR and waited.  Nothing.  I have no idea if they are still going to make this announcement or not, and I can’t keep watching the show, so if anyone knows anything about this please drop me a line.  I asked Jennifer Nicole Lee what happened, but I didn’t expect a response from her, well, because by now you know how much of a stand up person I think she is….

10 Comments leave one →
  1. jjones permalink
    March 16, 2010 12:21 pm

    You may be interested to know that JNL is associated with mega-fraud scammer Kevin Trudeau. So no big surprise that Ab-Circle Pro is a hyped bit of garbage. I’m certain the marketing is being done by KT’s staff, it’s their job to keep producing lies on top of lies.

    Anyrates, just try one for yourself, I did in a store. I found it completely useless and poorly made. It’s cheap and will snap to pieces if you’re a heavy person. I think they’re counting on people being too embarassed to return the item.

  2. June 28, 2011 7:41 am

    What I dont get about this post is the fact that you are linking to the sites you say you despise, increasing their rankings for the phrase and pushing them up the rankings. I know they say no publicity is bad publicity but it does make me wonder about your motivation or indeed identity.
    Why link to the sites?

    My affiliate link is below

  3. LOL permalink
    October 22, 2011 1:17 pm

    I was interested at first in her as a fitness person, because she lost so much weight, but the more I read and saw, the more I felt like vomiting. I find it seriously pathetic what a shameless self promoter this is. Her book (that I did not buy cause it’s crap) starts out with her saying how freaken awesome she is, bla bla blaaaa. Then her videos are retarded. Why on earth would I want to win a whole collection of crap that is all about her? Like magazine covers, etc. There are people out there who are giving REAL advice on how to get a bikini contest ready body and it’s FREE! I find her mentally insane. She seems to think we are so stupid we can be fooled into thinking she is some celeb. I had never heard of this woman and I don’t care. It took me about a week to figure out she sucks and to unsubscribe from her newsletter. Yes, there are real people out there struggling who need real advice. Not me, I am fit and a whole lot more awesome and pretty than THEJNL!

  4. February 1, 2012 8:27 am

    Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the most annoying ‘Fitness Celebrities’ out there.
    I have never encountered someone who is as self absorbed as she is.
    Enough with these self promoting hacks, Jillian Michaels included.
    No one uses any of the junk they push to get in shape, it is all gimmicks and nonsense.
    Thank you for calling her out, enough is enough with these psycho’s.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      February 3, 2012 1:54 pm

      I feel for her kids… I really do. She seems almost narcissistic to me. Did you see the interview that Dateline or 60 minutes tried to do with her… just insane!! I just don’t understand why they ALL sell out once they get some fame. It scares me. That fame stuff must be addictive as hell to make people do what they do. I do get JNL though, she has always sold out, done anything and sold anything to get famous. Jillian Michaels I don’t get as much. Did you read the current blog post where you find out that Jillian Michaels doesn’t even own the website,… Stunning… Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. September 19, 2012 4:42 pm

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  6. June 11, 2013 8:10 am

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    and wanted to mention that I’ve really loved browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll
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