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Top 9 Tips…

January 24, 2010

In the lead up to my 10th tip for getting a little fitter, I figured I would round up all of the tips so far and put them in a list.  This isn’t your standard list of tips, but instead, a list specifically designed for us unfit people.  I will update this list later, when I add the 10th tip.  In the meantime:

Tip #1: Smaller Plates and Bowls:  If you are a truly unfit person, you will understand the ongoing search that I undertook for the perfect cereal/salad bowl.  Something between a regular bowl and a mixing bowl.  I now know that this was a symptom of a bigger problem with me.  Eat less and wait between portions (or force yourself to work over and over to get more portions).  It works.  Tip Here

Tip #2: Substitutions: Turkey Sausage:  Substitutions can be the difference between living a fit life and not.  One of the keys to good substitutions is that it has to be an easy choice and it has to be something that you don’t mind doing for life.  One of the other keys is that the item being substituted in has to have a healthy calorie count and density.  You would have to be an idiot if you recommended eating a 2 scoop hot fudge sundae instead of a 2 scoop ice cream cone!   For a substitution to work it has to be something you would put in your fridge instead of something you normally have in there.  Tip Here.

Tip #3: Substition Ham: Breakfast is a typically difficult meal to  find healthy choices for.  The carbs are the worst, waffles, toast, cereal and pancakes (seriously it is a breakfast cake).  The proteins are no better, with sausage and bacon being your go tos.  That is why substitutions for breakfast are so important.  Tip Here.

Tip #4: Portable Containers:  Fit people are very organized.  You probably aren’t.  By being organized you will be able to avoid the consequences of lack of preparation, which invariably include eating out more often than you should.  If the Eat This, Not That website has any value at all, it is that they have been showing that it is nearly impossible to eat out and be fit.  By having the containers to put your leftovers in, you can have your lunch prepared the next day.  Tip Here.

Tip #5: Use Your PVR:  Odds are good you have a bunch of bad habits.  Watching TV is probably near the top of the list.  You aren’t about to give up your TV, so you have to find ways to make it work for you.  TV gets you two ways.  Your time is eaten up by sitting around all evening, so you can’t do more healthy choices like working out, and the networks control your schedule by giving you breaks every 15 minutes or so.  These breaks include images of all of the unhealthy, irresistible foods you are currently not eating.  With these constant breaks and reminders you are given so many pushes to the kitchen it is a miracle that you don’t weigh more than you do.  Switch to the PVR and put TV on your own schedule.  Use the time you gain back fast forwarding through ad breaks to fit in a workout.  Tip Here.

Tip #6: Rethink Your Appetizers:  Portion sizes are key to weightloss.  Some people eat small portions, just because they do.  I don’t and I can’t.  I eat until I am full, if I can.  The problem is, you are full up to 15 minutes before your body tells you you are full.  This is 15 minutes of face stuffing that you don’t need to have.  If you stopped on your own when you at a regular portion, you would be fine.  If you can’t do this, try to eat a better appetizer and finish it 10 minutes before you start to eat your meal.  Tip Here.

Tip #7: Take the Pressure off of your Meals:  Do you remember that scene in ‘There is Something About Mary’ where Dom is advising Ted of not going out with a loaded gun (sound clip here, NSFW).  That principle is doubly true when eating.  Never sit down to a meal when you are hungry!  You are just asking for trouble.  To avoid this, eat 4 meals a day.  Tip Here.

Tip #8: Grated Carrot:  Some vegetables are sweeter than others.  Carrot is one of those.  When you grate carrot up you get a pretty sweet tasty product.  If you can use this to get rid of the extra sweet, sugar added salad dressings, you are on your way to being a fit person.  Reducing added sugar in your diet isn’t just a desire, but a necessity.  There are so many ways that food manufactures are trying to get sugar into you, and this messes with your tastebuds.  It raises up your sugar tolerance and makes natural flavors taste flat and bitter.  You are required to eat more calories simply because your level of sweet has been raised unnaturally.  Tip Here.

Tip #9: Lack of Exercise Inertia:  Exercise is hard.  It is even harder when your body is always fighting you.  It always will.  Your body naturally avoids things like exercise.  The funny thing is that after you have committed to exercising and start working out, you feel awesome doing it and even better when you are done.  You have to find ways to get over the initial feeling of not wanting to exercise.  Tip Here.

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