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Tip #8 Grated Carrot

November 27, 2009

This is a little bit of an odd tip, but it is a great tip.  I love salads, I always have.  My old dream salad would have been lettuce, croutons and some store bought italian dressing.  Since I started eating the greek salads (after enjoying tomatoes and onions on pizza, etc), I now add tomatoes, cucumber, and onions whenever I can.

The more important change for me though has been going to low-fat and lower calorie dressings.  My favorite is Renee’s.  This change is important because an average italian dressing, like Kraft contains 55 calories per tablespoon.  I am likely to put at least 3 tablespoons of dressing on my salad (probably more, I love huge salads).  Renee’s dressings have between 20 and 30 calories per tablespoon.  That is a substantial difference.  Fat free dressings are 20 calories as well.

This isn’t just one of those food swaps that takes a terrible food item and just moves it to bad, but it is a move from a food that is borderline into a food that you can pretty much eat as much as you want (salad that is, don’t drink the dressing).  Great tasting foods that you can eat as much as you want will be a key element in succeeding in keeping weight off.  Feeling full is extremely important.

The problem with these dressings though is that they are quite low in sugar too.  Who knew sugar was important in dressings, but it is.  They don’t have a lot of sugar (about 0.7 grams per tablespoon), but that sugar (like all sugar) becomes an important habit.  A hard one to kick.  When I first moved to these dressing, I found them bitter and nearly impossible to eat.  Now I enjoy them very much.  I made the transition by adding grated carrot.  Yes grated carrot (make sure you grate the carrot, that is the important step).

Make yourself a salad.  Take a couple of carrots and grate them right on top, then put on your 20-30 calorie per tablespoon dressing.  You will find that grated carrots are strangely sweet.  You will love this salad and by doing this you will gain a huge ally in the weight loss battle.

Enjoy your salads and remember that when people are saying ridiculous things like, ‘salads are as bad for you as a Big Mac’, know that you are eating them with low calorie dressings and this couldn’t be further from the truth (as well, know that the salads [with chicken], even at their worst with tons of creamy caesar dressing, bacon and cheese-three things to avoid-may have the same calories and fat as a big mac, but they are huge by comparison.  Try going to McDonald’s and just eating a Big Mac and not being hungry.  That isn’t going to happen).


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