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Tip #8: Don’t be home…

November 9, 2009

This is one of the advanced tips, so I don’t want you to think it is an easy one (there is some sarcasm there, but seriously, this isn’t a first step kind of thing)…  All of the fit people that I know use this one.  The trick to this one is to just simply avoid being home, sitting around all evening watching TV.  What happens to most of us when we are home sitting around is that we end up snacking, and sitting around.  Neither one of these activities is very conducive to weight loss, and in fact both of these activities are actually a major part of the reason we gain weight.

The best thing you can do is plan to go for a workout, swim class, boxing class, yoga, meditation.  Something physical to get yourself moving (I am aware that meditation isn’t moving, but focusing your mind can be very valuable to your health) .  If you find you can’t workout after dinner or in the evening, then I would avoid a self directed activity like the gym.  Stick to classes.  It is amazing how you can stay active at something when there is a scheduled time, something that you have signed up for, and someone there to direct the activity.  It is staggering how active you can stay if you want to and you set yourself up to succeed.

The next best thing is go for is a regular activity.  If you have kids, this can actually work out quite well.  Just stick to this simple rule.  DO NOT CENTER THE ACTIVITY AROUND FOOD.  No trip to McDonalds, no chips for the car, none of that crap.  Eat a healthy meal before going, or take a healthy snack with you.  Make the event be about the event, not the food.  My kids and I used to go swimming with friends on Wednesday night.  Now we do Wednesday family pottery.  They both work.  These nights give me a great chance to just hang out with my kids and we aren’t at home watching TV and snacking.  I swim 2 nights a week in a class as well, so that keeps me out of the house 3 nights every week.  Those are 3 nights that I sure that I am not home.  I combine this with the PVR tip that I mentioned here, so when I am at home watching TV, I can fast forward through the commercials and I am not left wandering into the kitchen.  This works because I have some shows saved up from being out during the week so I can fire them up, watch them, fast forward through the commercials, and get 2 hours of TV done in an hour and a half.

After you are through stage one of ‘You Are Not A Fit Person’, use this tip in stage 2, or later in stage 4.  In stage 2, use it with your training program.  Be out of the house in the evening training if you can, maybe just one evening a week.  This will be hard because it probably won’t be part of a class.  Later in stage 4 when you start to ramp up your fitness and you are ready to add a fitness class or shared fitness activity, then this is the ideal time to add the ideas behind this tip into your routine.  I don’t recommend going to a fitness class until you have ramped up your fitness considerably because you might be intimidated doing so, and this could ruin an excellent future avenue of getting fit.

Take Care and keep the faith.


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  1. November 12, 2009 9:41 am

    Its a simple idea but I like it. I’ve 2 dogs myself so staying in most evenings isn’t an option.

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