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Oh Kellogg’s… you didn’t just go there… did you?

November 7, 2009

I have been putting Kellogg’s on the back burner for awhile.  I am sickened by the Special K Diet.  It is crap.  Cereal should never be a part of any diet.  It is one of the most calorie dense foods on earth.  You will be hard pressed to lose weight while eating cereal.  True, you could do a lot worse, but that isn’t a ringing endorsement of a diet, it is a criticism.  Here is a great explanation.  The advertising campaign is just a sick attempt to associate their cereal with health based upon the most ridiculous study results ever.  It is offensive and it should stop.  I will write more about the Special K diet later, but strangely, that is the least of the problems I have with Kellogg’s today.

Yes Kellogg’s has done something more egregious than ‘challenge’ you to lose weight by eating chocolate cereal bars, strawberry waffles, and chocolatety delight cereal.  It is ironic though when you put it that way.  I too challenge you to lose weight that way, it would be beyond difficult.  Maybe that is what Kellogg’s meant 😉

Seriously though, the thing that has me upset is using kids to act as doctors and talk about how good Fruit Loops is for your health!?!?  Yes, I said it, cute kids acting like doctors extolling the virtues of Fruit Loops as part of a healthy diet.  What has the world come to.  Seriously… have we become so inured to questionable claims that we are going to let Kellogg’s get away with this?  Do we need to convene a senate sub-committee to determine why we are getting fatter?  Hmmm… let me think….   boy, this seems like an unsolvable problem.  How do we go about solving this conundrum.  I can’t think of any way to figure out why we are getting so fat…  While I think on this one, enjoy the ad.

Wow, 3 whole grams of fibre….  (OH MY GOD, I just searched Kellogg’s Fruit Loops to see how much sugar you get with those 3 whopping grams of fibre, and they have already launched their kids fibre website!!! ) Okay, so I have found the nutritional information and it turns out that you get 12 grams of sugar to 3 grams of fibre.  Hmmm… thinking that is a great idea.  Sure you could go for a 4:1 sugar to fibre ration, which I guarantee you is a TOTAL LOSER OF AN IDEA, or you could say eat All Bran Buds (the only cereal that you should eat, and you should eat it by the way) and get 11 grams of fibre to 7 grams of sugar.  Kids talk to your parents, tell them how good for them Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks are.  Tell them that all of the kid doctors you see on TV actually give prescriptions for it.  Oh, and Kellogg’s advertising execs, whoever thought up, funded and approved this advertising campaign, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  You are at the heart of what is wrong in world right now.

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  1. November 9, 2009 6:30 am

    yeah this is about as bad as the “whole serving of veggies” in Chef Boyardee’s Ravioli. But then again, wasn’t it Reagan who made ketchup a vegetable for school lunches?

    I admit. I love cereal. My stomach is so touchy that sometimes all I can eat is cereal (pain kills your appetite). But I totally see your point and am by no means deluded into thinking it’s the healthiest thing I could have 😉


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