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Not a good day…

November 2, 2009

Today has been one of those days.  It really wouldn’t have taken much to annoy me today.  Both my kids have the H1N1, they have had it all weekend.  It seemed to go away on Sunday but it is back for my youngest.  There is a saying: ‘You don’t know worry until you have kids’ and they are so right.  So, on my way home I was picking up some medicine for my daughter and I had to stop in at the new Shoppers Drug Mart in town.  I have driven by this place a number of times and it looks good and flashy, but up until today I have never entered it.

Immediately upon entering the store I was struck with how big the cosmetics area was.  Clearly at least a third of the store.  1/3 of the entire drug store given over to cosmetics…  This annoyed me, but as I said, it wouldn’t have take much to annoy me today.  So, I grabbed what I needed and went to find the exit and that is when I ran into the ‘gauntlet’… (you can see my map below)Shoppers The gauntlet was a strange permanent switch back between the drug store and the check out.  It was like the roped off line at a bank, only instead of rope it was made of walls of shelves filled with… candy!  Actually it isn’t just candy.  The first line of the gauntlet is all candy, about 15 linear feet of candy, then you are forced to turn the corner and walk down 8′ of junk food, crackers, etc and then back another 15′ of pop and chips.  Everyone leaving the store has to walk through this gauntlet.  I was disgusted.

I don’t know how many articles I have read that asked why Americans are fat (here, here, and here).  Are we seriously this dumb?  Can we possibly be so stupid?  The stores that we depend on to get our medicine to stay healthy are not only selling junk food and candy, but they are actually pushing it!!  Ya, lets convene a senate subcommittee on why we are all gaining weight.  I am betting that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on determining the best ways to get people to make impulse snack buys and in which order they should stock the junk food to maximize the money they extract from your wallet.  Glad to shop at a drug store where they care about my health…  So being annoyed and not wanting to take this sitting down, I said to the cashier, ‘What is up with the gauntlet of candy and crap?!?’  I said this in as annoyed and angry a tone as I could muster.  I am not very good at being annoyed or angry at the people who work at stores, so she must have missed my intend because she smiled and said, ‘Ya, it is very tempting huh?’

I don’t know if I am as mad about this as what I discovered in a different drug store yesterday.  I was leaving and at the cash register was a stack of free books (they were sort of a cross between a pamphlet and a book) about the benefits of Japanese Red Reishi.  The book was the most amazing piece of crap I have ever seen.  Each chapter was a different malady explained very well (diabetes, weight gain, aging, lack of energy, stress, inflamation) followed by the totally unsupported claim that Red Reishi is just the thing you need for whatever is ailing you.

This would be bad enough, but the book claims that Red Reishi is an ‘Adaptogen’…

This adaptogenic quality of certain plants is one of nature’s great mysteries.  The key word being: adapt.  Imagine a plant that is able to provide you with the right healing nudge, in the right amount, in the right direction, and at the right time.  Red Reishi helps to reduce high blood pressure, and yet, because it is an adaptogen, when taken by someon with low blood pressure, the plant offers a gentle boost.

Let me translate this complicated medical information for you:

Quackity quack quack quack…

This beautiful 100 page book complete with CD actually has an ISBN number and retails for $19.99…  Of course, you can get it free at the drug store check out. I am sure the pharmacy sells this crap too, adding more confusion to the world of health.  So the only stores licensed to sell certain medicines that have had to live up to proven scientific standards and can only be dispensed by licensed pharmacists, can also sell whatever the hell else they want to sell.  Candy, snake oil, pop, chips…

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  1. ariel365 permalink
    November 13, 2009 1:04 pm

    Along the same lines, have you ever checked out women’s magazines in the checkout line? I can’t remember which one, but one of them consistently has a weight-loss article along with a recipe of something completely calorie-ful. “Walk off 30 lbs in 30 days!” right next to “Our Best No-Bake Cake with nilla wafers, marshmallows, and M&M’s”.

    I don’t know about you, but since I already walk/jog 3 miles per day, the tips to park a few more spaces away at the grocery store don’t actually result in a 30 lb weight loss.

  2. January 21, 2010 7:38 pm

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