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Tip #5 Using Your PVR

September 4, 2009

Yesterday I was home early (Masters Swim Class is off for the next month while they do their annual pool cleaning and maintenance), so I was home.  I knew if I sat around with the kids and watched TV, I would make some trolling runs through the kitchen, eating crap on every trip.  One of the best ways to avoid these runs is not being in the house, but short of that, there are a bunch of things that you can do.

The one I am recommending here is using your PVR (Personal Video Recorder).  TV is designed to force your to take a break every 15 minutes from paying attention to whatever you are watching.  You get a few minutes to go to the bathroom or go to the kitchen to get a bite to eat, whether you need to or not.  So, rather than being engrossed in something all evening and then eating a healthy bed time snack and going to bed, we are given break after break to think about food (it doesn’t help that most of these breaks are filled with images of food as well).

The movie channels are only marginally better, as you usually get a 15 minute break every 75 minutes or so (you get a longer block of programming followed by a longer block of previews which almost guarantees a trip to the kitchen).

So you can do yourself a world of favors by using your PVR.  Set it to record everything you want to see in a night (or better yet, scan for the whole week so you have some stuff stored on your PVR whenever you turn on the TV).  Now, instead of watching live TV on their schedule, watch recorded TV on yours.  Fast forward through the commercials and pause when you need to go the bathroom, and don’t pause to troll the kitchen.  The real advantage to this beyond the less breaks to eat, is that you are going to get more time in your day.  If you typically watch a couple of hours of TV in the evening, you probably lose 40 minutes to the TV advertisersements, etc.

Now there is no way I am giving up my evening TV ritual, but now I can watch the same amount of TV and I have an extra 40 minutes in my day.  That 40 minutes, if used for fitness, will go a long way (almost all of the way) to getting me fit, seriously fit.  So, worst case scenario, you don’t troll through the kitchen and you can watch an extra 40 minutes of TV a night, best case scenario, you don’t troll through the kitchen and you spend your extra 40 minutes exercising and getting fit.  Please, whatever you do though, don’t buy a home exercise machine right off.  Get a copy of my book, You Are Not A Fit Person-contact me if it hasn’t been published and I will get you a digital copy if I can.  In it you will find the best ways to start on your lifelong journey to stay fit while maintaining your TV watching lifestyle.  Find me another fitness book that offers that claim!

Really though, ‘Idle hands do the devils work’ is a long standing saying for a reason.  When you are bored or sitting around the house, you instinctively will go to the kitchen, even when you are in no way hungry.  I will be posting more tips for helping with this situation, but I would love to hear how you keep from visiting the kitchen while you are home.

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