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Tip #2 Substitutions: Turkey Sausage

August 22, 2009

Stove Ownership

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A long time ago I substituted bacon for sausages.  1 piece of bacon has about 50 calories (it has a chart topping calorie density of 4.5), whereas a sausage link has 85 calories (a calorie density of 3).  It was a good move all in all-you wouldn’t believe how many sausages I could eat-still it wasn’t a great move because you also wouldn’t believe how many pieces of bacon I can eat.

I don’t eat either very often any more.  The thing is sometimes, especially on weekends, I want a great breakfast.  Still, I want to keep in that 350-400 calorie range per meal that I should be hitting (4 to 4.5 meals per day)-See Chapter 7: Nutrition an Introduction in You Are Not A Fit Person for more on all these topics .  Those who know me, know I am not a fan of calorie counting.  I think you will have a hard time losing weight if you are counting calories all the time (because counting calories is a huge pain in the ass and I tend to quit things that are a huge pain in the ass).

One of the easiest solutions to calorie counting is substitution.  To succeed at weight loss you will need to find a way to eat less calories and be full and satisfied with your choices.  I have recently substituted turkey sausage for sausage (and turkey smokies for smokies).  In many ways for me, weight loss is about handling an addiction.  I love bacon.  I may think I can only eat one piece, but there is no world in which I don’t eat more and more and more.  I could eat regular sausages, but I would never be full by the time I had my daily allotment of calories.  Instead, I can eat turkey sausages which actually do taste great, and I can kick the addiction.  Turkey sausages have half the calories of pork sausages.

It may seem like a small change, but this is part of the reason calorie counting doesn’t work for me.  25 calories here or there doesn’t seem like much, but in the long run it is.  If you could half your calories you would lose weight at a phenomenal rate.  So, next time you are in the grocery store give the turkey breakfast sausages a shot.  If you like them, great, it is an easy change, if not, no problem, keep trying other intelligent substitutions.  I will post some more in this blog under the tag substitution, so check back from time to time.

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  1. August 25, 2009 7:26 am

    Interesting. I, too, love sausages – bet I could eat more than you! (Actually, I bet I could eat more than ANYONE!!!). Anyway, I wanted to ask: what do you eat WITH the sausages? Or don’t you?

    Breakfast is a big hurdle for me and always has been. I can go through the day and not think about food for most of it, so long as I have had a good breakfast. Porridge (oatmeal I think you call it over there) is nice – I have no problem with the taste – it just doesn’t fill me. Even with bits of fruit thrown in, I am okay for an hour or two then must-eat-food.

    With a good breakfast in me I can go all day without food cravings (if I have to).

    I must admit I like the notion of substitutions, so long as I don’t have to eat twice as much of them to fill me up (!). Seriously though, I am going to give the turkey sausages a try and see how they go…

  2. YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
    August 25, 2009 11:55 am

    I actually ate a Denver omelette and a piece of toast. The thing is, the piece of toast is ridiculously thin (another substitution that is in the book, and I will share in a future blog entry). I was experimenting to see if you could have a big, excellent breakfast for 350 calories. You can. 1 piece of thin toast, tons of veggies in your omelet. A mix of sharp cheddar and goat feta (for flavour and for holding the omelette together), but only a little, one egg and some egg white, 2 turkey sausages, one cut up in the omelette. I wanted to figure out 2 things.
    1. Can I get a sense of how much cheese I can put in an omelette and keep it healthy
    2. and would it taste good.
    The breakfast was awesome, and I will cover it later in detail, but seriously it was good. It was a fair amount of prep the first time out, but now that I know how much of everything I can have in it, it would just take a minute or 2.
    Still, I would recommend 2 or 3 turkey sausages with oatmeal (fruit, milk and All-Bran Buds©), or with yogurt and Bran Buds© or with 2 thin pieces of toast and natural peanut butter and an apple or grapefruit. The turkey sausage is a good 4 oz (112 gram) protein partner with any meal.
    Make sure you put in a 1/3 of a cup of All-Bran Buds (hopefully you have them in the UK). This should help them last longer in your stomach. As well, if you are hungry after breakfast, could you eat an apple to tie you over? Try snacking on fruit between actual meals. You may need to retrain your body to stop telling you you need more food.
    Definitely be careful with substitutions, don’t eat more because you can.

  3. August 25, 2009 3:37 pm

    You make it sound quite tasty. I have just checked and it would appear that Bran Buds are available over here, so I’ll get some later this week, along with the turkey sausages.

    I have started to eat more fruit, although not as much as I should (I am more of a veggie person). As for the thinner bread substitute – another good idea. I have only ever purchased thick-sliced bread. These subtle changes could go a long way, so long as I stick to them. I am going to give it a go…


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