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Ab Circle Pro

August 20, 2009

NOTE:  The Ab Circle Pro people keep moving the videos that are linked from this article.  I am betting they don’t like how they appear when they are exposed.  You can determine for yourself what that means.  In any case, I will try to keep up, but some videos are just going to be replaced with descriptions as time goes on.

“You have nothing to lose but inches”  – Jennifer Nicole Lee about the Ab Circle Pro

That statement is false.  If you buy an exercise product that doesn’t work for you, you have a lot to lose.  You will lose the money that you invested and more importantly you will lose the belief that you can conquer the debilitating weight issues you are struggling with.  Never trust someone when they say you have nothing to lose….

I am really trying to avoid ranting about ridiculous weight loss techniques here in this blog, but this is one thing that I can’t not rant about.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I noticed on the TV that a new exercise machine, the Ab Circle Pro was on sale (To see the other products that these guys have sold in the past, check here).  The only number showing up as a cost on the screen was $14.95 for a 60 day trial period.  That made me stand there and wait to see how they were hiding the costs.  I am glad I didn’t blink because in a flash I saw, if you decide to keep the device, you will be required to pay 5 payments of $39.95.  Apparently the S+H is $34.50 as well.

So, this device costs $249.20 USD!!  Have you seen this device?  How much do you think it costs to manufacture and send to your door?  By the way, don’t forget to add a $20 surcharge if you are in Canada, plus $22.97 in duties and taxes.  I am not in any way saying that this is deceptive advertising, and these prices are pretty clearly shown on the internet, but why is it that people selling questionable fitness products are so hesitant to show the actual cost of their product?  So that is rant #1.  My advice is if you can’t buy a product in a store for a set amount of money DO NOT BUY IT!

As well, there are reports of people being billed for multiple products and warranties that they did not order (an example here).

Finally, if you can’t try it out in general then you have no idea about quality.  At the end of this post I have included numerous comments that I have selected from users and owners from the blurt it website.  You can see all comments here.   There are so many complaints about the cheap quality of the product that I stopped counting.  I was looking online and came across a video (note the company changed the video at this location to an ad for their product! Priceless!!) of the CEO at the factory in China and I was stunned by how cheap all of the pieces looked.  The best looking part on the product is some stamped steel circular thing.  Not only does the product look terrible in the factory, but it even looked worse when the CEO uses it in the factory and it totters dangerously (at 2:30 of the video) *NOTE Sorry the video has been removed by the Ab Circle Pro people so you will have to imagine stacks of cheap looking Ab Circle Pro parts being assembled in factories in China and the CEO getting on one to show people how it is used at tottering, almost falling over.  The panic on his face is priceless!!  No doubt he removed it.  I don’t blame him!!

My second rant is the loose claims of the testimonials  and apparently conflicting information on the product page.

When you listen to the testimonials, they are very clear not to say that they lost the weight using the Ab Circle Pro.  Seriously, the first person who shows up is Jennifer Nicole Lee and next to her it says, LOST 80 POUNDS, but no part of the video claims she lost that weight using the Ab Circle Pro.  In fact, if you research her, you will discover that she won Miss Bikini American World Champion in 2004 before the Ab Circle Pro was on the market.  An article on Ezinearticles about Jennifer Nicole Lee states:

Jennifer Nicole Lee has been a fitness and bikini model for years now. The Ab Circle Pro is a new product. She already had a killer body way before this machine was invented. And she got it with good old fashioned work and dedication: working out her entire body at a gym and following a sensible fat burning diet.

Of course, there are regular people who gave glowing testimonials for the Ab Circle Pro. However, if you search the internet, you will find negative reviews as well. Lots of them.

In her testimonial video she says the following:

“Hi everyone, it is hard to believe that just a short time ago that this was me at over 200 pounds”  “I lost over 80 pounds” “for all of you out there struggling, I know what it is like to have this kind of a challenge” “and best of all, it only takes 3 minutes a day”

In previous interviews and reports, including the Oprah Winfrey show (where her revolutionary way of getting fit includes using her babies as weights-you can see the video on one of her many other fitness programs that she sells here), she claims she lost 70 pounds, but now she is claiming 80.  So on top of the that she is selling, she is also selling the following programs:,,,,  I haven’t reviewed any of these programs, and if Jennifer Nicole Lee would like to send me them for my review I would be glad to look at them, but I am betting each and every one of them involves more than the 3 minutes a day of rotating that she recommends on her Ab Circle Pro testimonial.  I don’t know about you, but to me it appears that anyone who spends a lot of time developing different exercise programs for sale is more interested in making money rather than helping people.

So apparently the weight or dress sizes next to the video aren’t claims of weight loss or sizes lost using the Ab Circle Pro.  When you listen to the video, none of them claim any number for weight loss.  In fact Michael is the only one who says he lost weight and the best he can say is, ‘I lost a lot of weight quickly’.  How much is a lot to Michael???  I would think if I was selling a product I would put testimonials of people with concrete numbers up, especially when I put the following disclaimer at the bottom of the same page:

The complete Ab Circle Pro system includes a reduced calorie diet and regular aerobic exercises. Time required for desired results may vary. Results not typical. Participants ate a reduced calorie diet and did the Ab Circle Pro workout regularly.

The main video claims that the Ab Circle Pro “Aerobically burns fat in just minutes a day”, and Jennifer’s video says “you only need 3 minutes a day”.  I am pretty sure that you can’t do an aerobic workout in 3 minutes…  Even if you could, you can not burn many calories in 3 minutes.  Even jumping rope, which is a pretty extreme workout, you don’t burn many calories at all in 3 minutes…

Beyond the questionable claims of losing 80 pounds (her before pictures don’t look 80 pounds heavier and before she said it was 70 pounds-did she lose another ten pounds since her Miss Bikini American World Title), and her claims of “for all of you out there struggling, I know what it is like to have this kind of a challenge”, I think the most damning thing about this whole product is that person who is selling this product, the ‘co-creator’, Jennifer Nicole Lee does not ONLY use the Ab Circle Pro to get the body that she has.  We all know it, it is obvious.  If you want to know how she gets her body, check here. to quote her, that is what she is doing “day in day out, always in here on the grind” (that was what she said in the previous video that was removed.  You too can look like JNL, but not using the Ab Circle Pro, but instead living in the gym.  You already knew that though, didn’t you!!).  Why I say ‘ONLY’  is because this video is my favorite, this one had me on the floor laughing.  I seriously don’t know how the people in the gym kept a straight face without being paid actors.  Here she shows how she incorporates  the Ab Circle Pro into her routine….  I cannot imagine her doing that at the gym even once beside the time that she demonstrates it.  In any case, Jennifer Nicole Lee is a hardworking fitness expert and she looks it.  Don’t think for a second that the Ab Circle Pro will give you the fitness of Jennifer Nicole Lee.  Look at her sample gym workout video for an idea of what you need to do to get that level of fitness and remember she won Miss Bikini American World without the Ab Circle Pro.

All I have to say is I am disappointed in you Jennifer Nicole Lee.  You claim to be one of us unfit people (by showing your overall signifcant weightloss and saying ‘for all of you out there struggling, I know what it is like to have this kind of a challenge’).  The thing is, I don’t think you were anything like your target market.

Selected Reviews from the Blurt It Website:

  • To tell you the truth it is built very poorly.. The plastic feels like it gonna break after you use it for like a week or so..
  • My only complaint is it is cheaply constructed.  The paint on the red disk is always wearing off into a white powder which I must wipe off, and my knee pad has already cracked.
  • I thought it might be worth maybe 75 dollars. They dont tell you the price on t.v which I found to be just a tiny bit deceptive and a bit gimmicky as well as annoying. I guess being a responsible consumer, I like to know details like cost, weight, dimensions etc. But 200 dollars plus? NO WAY! Probably made in China as well so should be about 40 dollars.
  • I called to order today & CSR tried to seel me everything underneath the sun.  The commercial was still on (though I saw it yesterday & googled it thoroughly.) The ads, both today and yest., said if I ordered now, I would get free expedited shipping.  After taking all my information and being mad that I didnt want to buy a SECOND ab circle at 30% off for my non-existent hubby/child, the rep says deliv. Will be sched. For a few weeks and I said “at the beginning of the call you said expedited shipping, as does the commercial I’m watching.”  She said, “yes, in a few weeks.” I said “a few is 3 or 4.”  A couple is two and that is the most expedited shipping takes.  Then I said, I feel like this is bait and switch, because I chose not to buy the digital cal counter, the extra machine etc.  Maybe special shipping only applies to those who spend more than the trail, shipping and monthly payments…like those who buy the $39 digital component and other options…she started to stutter and said “i have to ask my manager.” She came back on the line and said my order didnt qualify for expedited but then she said I would get the “expedited” order in a few weeks.  (By the way, your trial starts 30 days from the day they SHIP.  Mt trial would be 1/2 over if it took a few weeks to arrive!  Cx order because if ordering was a hassle, I can’t imagine what a return would be like!  Waiting to find one on eBay.
  • I have had it now for a week.  At first it was very questionable-after I gave it a few days I really like it and feel it in my buns, thighs, love handles & abs (mostly love handles area).  It takes a little practice to get the ‘swing’ of it to ensure you are targeting the right areas and using the right form.  At first the only places I felt it were my upper arms and my knees…oh sore knees!  The correct form has solved my sore arms and small towels folded up under my knees is the only way I can kneel on it.  I haven’t noticed any weight loss or firmness but I haven’t looked either.  I just feel better knowing that I am trying.  Worth the money?  I don’t know, it’s pretty expensive but I need to target these areas so I am going to keep it and hope I continue getting the correct form for the best possible results.
  • Hi, got my ab circle pro 2 weeks ago. All I have got since using it is sore knees, sore back and have been unable to walk properly for 2 weeks. So bad the pain went down to my knee and now I have a sore knee. Doesnt work your abs, only your lower back and arms. Will be sending it back. I paid $29,95, but was told if I keep it I will be billed for 5 mths at $79.95, which is $429.95 in total. If I send it back within 30 days, I get my $29.95 back.
  • I have bought an Ab Circle Pro and after a week I am not at all impressed.
    As a flexible, fit but not trim individual, I find that I don’t get any particular muscular workout at all.  I certainly don’t “feel the burn” as Jennifer keeps saying on the complimentary three-minute workout video.  On the highest level I do get SOME cardio work out of it, but no results that I couldn’t get from a ten minute walk.  There is also a severe diet recommendation that comes with the pack, but as I have a special condition I’m unable to comply with the guidelines.
    I am willing to concede that I may not be using the product correctly: However, the support is non-existant and I have had to resort to forums like this one to answer the questions I have – such as, if I am feeling a bit tired in my arms but have no “burn” in the abs, is my positioning correct?  What am I doing wrong?  (My husband has checked me on this against the video, and he can’t see a difference in what I’m doing and what Jennifer does.)
    In case it was just me not working “hard enough”, I used the AbCircle throughout my favourite TV program (of 30 minutes) and found I was sweating at the end from the exertion – still no burn!!  Despite the swivel action in the leg supports, I wound up with rather painful “carpet burn” skin on my knees.
    As mentioned, I’ve only had it a week: Already there is “wear” on the rim of the machine where the leg supports attach to the stability plate.  I’d hate to think what this would look like and what maintenance it might need after a year.
    If you are like me and don’t have time for the gym, but want to “tighten” those areas, I’m finding that my painfully slow, regular floor excercises are still achieving better results.  >sigh!!<
    I’ve crated my Ab Circle and will be returning it over the next few days if I am still unable to find any support – I will follow up this post if I get any trouble from the company about returns.
  • My aunt tried the ab circle pro. Like above, all she got was a carpet burn. She did lose 3 lbs of fat after 2 weeks, but it was combined with going to the gym 4 days a week and dieting.
    I wouldnt buy it.
  • I was interested in trying the ab circle pro.  After reading the reviews, I will stick to working out at the gym.  FYI…..when I order something online, I get one of those prepaid credit cards.  That way, the company doesn’t have my debit card information and they can only deduct the amount that I put on the card.
  • You are so right their customer service sucks and it really is sooo over priced plus a bit of a scam. I entered my credit card and did not finish the order yet I was charged for 3 ab circle pro. This is what they do usually you can cancel an order before it ships but ab circle pro tells you that they are not able to see your order for 24 to 48hrs so you can call back and cancel it then BUT HOLD ON!! BY THAT TIME IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED SO NOW YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING & HANDLING plus you have to pay to ship it back. I am going to report them to the BBB you should all do it too. I too kept the one to try out for “30 days”  im sure they will play me again about my refund. Well the other 2 are downstairs waiting to be picked up. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. ALL THAT MONEY AND ALL THE HASLE IS DEFINATELY NOT WORTH IT. WHO CARES IF IT WORKS WHICH I AM YET TO FIND OUT.
  • I would like to know if the company that is marketing it and responsible for online payments is the same as the Contour belt.  The reason is this…I did the 30 day trial for 14.95 for that…sent it back because it was ridiculous and there were no results.  About a month later I saw all of these weird charges on my bank statement with codes Icould not decifer.   Fortunately there was  a phone number so I called it.  They had charged my  card for two other products totally unrelated (not that that really matters) and tried to tell me that I agreed to order them at the time I ordered the belt.  I know I didn’t because like the person above I was totally concerned about the deadline for the trial..”does 30 days start from their ship date or the day it get to you “etc.    The total came to well over $100!  They argued with me back and forth and asked the person for a supervisor who argued until I threatened them with lawsuit and reporting them to the BBB. They immediately credited my account.  That was enough to turn me off of EVER ordering anything like this online again.  Unfortunately now I have to watch my account like a hawk and am worried I may have to cancel my account and start over because in reality they still have my info.  Yikes!
  • Save your money and buy something else.  I was very disappointed in this machine. It was very uncomfortable to use, very hard on my knees.  It doesn’t work your abs unless you are really concentrating on the movement. When I got off I couldn’t feel that I had done anything for my abs. For cardio effects it says to do it for 40 minutes 5 days a week, I couldn’t do this for more than a couple minutes and my knees were hurting.  When I tried to raise it to the advanced level it felt like my knees were going to slip out of the knee cups.  Plus this is absolutely no workout for legs or butt like it says.  I could get a better ab workout doing my total gym.  If your looking for something that is worth $200 try a total gym.
  • I tried it  and it’s not worth any price until they reconfigure the knee cups that hold you into the machine. It’s only been on the market a few months … I’m about 115 pounds an work out 4-7 days a week. Once you get a momentum going  you begin to slide out of the knee cups .. Which can cause injury and friction burn to the knees. The knee cups should be a lot deeper to keep you in place  an added cushion to soften the impact on knees which is fastened by a screw..
  • I have it, I do like it, you really have to put it on its full #3 level….. The only thing I HATE about it     MY KNEES ARE RAW!!!!! I feel the bolts pushing through the rubber knee pads, and I am  about 20 pounds over weight 140. So it is not my weight.  For the $$$ that I spent on this I was so upset about the knees.  I have to  find something to cover my knees with every time I use it. You can not have to much padding as your knees will slip out of the  ab Circle. That is my only complaint
  • Anyone on here who says it has worked in two weeks is working for the company! It doesn’t. I have used it faithfully for two weeks and nothing! I am sending it back tomorrow. I have called and made arrangements and I have a lawyer standing by to help if need be. Do not order this machine.  It’s hype. I wish I had never ever ordered it. Live and learn and then do the right thing. Exercise the correct way, eat right and do it slowly. We all want fast results. Duh
  • I decided to try the ab circle pro out.  I am 35 and physically fit.  I do not need to lose weight, just wanted an alternative to sit ups.  First of all, the machine is not made of heavy duty material, therefore it slides across the floor.  Pretty easy assembly b/c of the lightweight materials used.  I did the suggested 3 minutes and felt nothing.  I went on about my business and in about an hour my back began to throb with pain.  I lived the next four days on a heating pad and pain relievers.  I am no stranger to exercise, I just think this motion is not natural to ones body.  It completely through my back out of line.  The option to work your inner thighs is a joke.  It offers no resistance.  You can get the same effect by opening and shutting your legs.  Now for the MONEY.  You try this thing for $14.95 PLUS the shipping of $34.50.  Then once your injured, you decide to return it.  Well it cost another $70.00 for me to return.  So the $14.95 try it thing – is a rip off.  I paid $119.00 plus pain medication to try something the hurt me.  I will NEVER buy an exercise device without trying it first.  When I called to return it, the customer service rep offered me a discount of $35.00 if I decide to keep it.  Yeah right, for me to injure myself with?  No deal.  Instead I choose to get screwed by sending it back for someone else’s discomfort.
    Now my husband did try it also.  He does need some help around the middle due to his diabetes.  He said it did nothing for him and once he saw the pain that I was in, he refused to try it again.  Who can lay out of work b/c an exercise piece of crap hurt them.  I can’t b/c I have to pay to send this torture device back!  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, ENERGY OR MONEY.  The people on the show may have thought it was a good idea.  I would like to see ALL of them an hour later when the pain sets in.  DO NOT PURCHASE – SAVE YOUR MONEY.
  • Well, well, well, Glad to see someone else has tried this gimmic. I just slipped right off the machine and landed on my already rug burnde knees…I work out on the gym floor 4 days a week; the ab circle has no benefits what so ever, even if you can stay on the machine and escape the rug burn knees..I would recommend trying this little piece of equipment out if your trying it for free and doing so as a customer review only! Good luck…CF
  • I purchased the ab circle pro nearly 2 months ago. I followed the instructions and after 8 days, the part that you place your knee inside is very weak and broke. I weigh 150 pounds and should be well within the weight limit. The cushion support of the knee is not very comfortable either. I even purchased a gel knee pad to wear when using it.
  • Your trial starts from the date of purchase, thus not allowing you the full 2 weeks to use the machine to see if it really works. They also say on the commercial no questions asked. I tried to return this machine to get my money back, and at first they were not willing to refund my money.. Then later said that it would take another 60 days for my money to be returned. Then I received a phone back from a manager that told me how the trial started on the date of purchase (not from the arrival date), and that I didn’t qualify for the return. Needless to say, I would recommend to anyone wanting to try this machine … To please wait until it is in stores and the price is dropped tremendously. It is a very cheap made product. I am sure that there will be much better machines prototyping this machine at a fraction of the cost, more comfortable to use, and with much better service. I am very disappointed with the ab circle roller, the customer service I was provided… And made sure to tell the manager that I would be sure to post this online… In which the manager responded “Well, ma’am it must be getting good reviews because we are constantly filling orders…” what a jerk. Sadly, I was one of these people that was so excited about receiving this machine that ended up truly pissing me off. Best wishes to all others that are trying to lose weight. Anyone have any other recommendations of things that have worked for them will be greatly appreciated.
  • I purchased the AB Circle for $240 ($199 for the machine + $35 shipping), and I must say that it was a HUGE mistake and I’m returning it!  I searched reviews before I purchased the product, with mixed reviews, I remained hopeful and thought it was a great concept.  However, when I actually started using the product, I realized:
    1.  The knee pads were extremely uncomfortable and painful so I couldn’t stay on the machine for more than 2 minutes, the next day, both my knees were bruised;
    2.  I have hardwood floors throughout my place, while I was on the machine, it kept gliding left and right with my movements;
    3.  Finally, I liked the concept of folding the machine and store it underneath of sofa (as it advertised), but not, it’s troublesome to collapse, and even when it’s collapsed, the high knee pads made it impossible to store it under my sofa.
    I was surprised that all the reviews that I read didn’t mention any of the things which prompted me to return the product.  I hope you can find my review helpful when you decide to purchase one.
  • This manchine doesn’t work the way it is advertised.This is a rip-off.Is there no government agency that regulates these kind of scammers who just pop up from nowhere and rip people off with impunity? They go to China, manufacture second-rate products and dump them on unsuspecting citizens. Someone should notify the government, because these crooks keep growing by the day.My advice is this: If you can’t find it in Wal-mart or any reputable store, save your money.
  • I purchased the ab circle pro .  Me and my husband used it for about a week.  Within a weeks time one knee grip started to rip and the nut in the middle of the machine kept falling off in the middle of each work-out.  We contacted the comapny and they told us they would replace the ripped parts but there was nothing they could do about the nut and bolts.  A replacement machine would probably do the same thing.. I don’t feel it’s worth 200+ dollars.  WE RETURNED IT FOR  A FULL REFUND.
  • I bought the Ab circle and was charged for the warranty that I did not order. They will not refund the money said they will give me a credit. I do not want a credit. Also I paid full price for the machine and on the statement it says I will be charged another $39.99  in one month I have emailed them about this but have not gotten a response. I have called their customer service line on numerous occasions and the recording always states please call back later due to high call volumes. This is a billing scam! I am letting everyone know what shoddy business practices this company uses. Do not buy this product.
  • WARNING:  Beware of this company (Fitness Brands).  BBB has rated them with a D.  There are a number of complaints.   Check for yourself with Better Business Bureau!
  • Like the rest of you I really wanted to try this unit!! The Ad did a good job of getting me hooked. Just before I was going to order, I went looking for reviews (research, research, research as Dad says is a girls best friend) and found you all. Thanks for all the comments. I have decided to hold off. I really want a “quality” product that will get the job done. It sounds like this unit is not up to speed currently. Maybe time will help the company develop a quality unit and  include “customer care/service” that  includes integrity.
  • I have checked out several sites for reviews on this product. My enthusiasm for this equipment soon faded once I saw this report. Please read before purchasing the Ab Circle Pro. So I will not be ordering this unit and will have to continue my search for another way of toning my abs. I hope this will help with all that are questioning this product.
  • have been looking at reviews and so far there aren’t a lot of good ones.  I did find one review on a web site dedicated to reviewing ab workout devices and it is trainers that give their views.
    They felt that the “treadmill for your abs” is a bunch of BS.  They said you would need at least 20 minutes on the machine to reach your heart rate for aerobic activity.
    Their suggestion is a balance ball.  They said it is cheaper and you can mimic the exercises that you can do on the Ab Circle Pro and you can even do a wider range of activities.
    The true answer is no one machine is going to magically get you in shape.  A lot of hard work and a calorie restricted diet is the only way.
  • KEEP YOUR MONEY!  The only thing that got any smaller on my entire body was my KNEES.  Bet I lost 2 inches of skin off each one.  Talk about PAINFUL “Carpet burn”.  Yeah…feel the burn you lying cow!  As all of the skin blisters off your knees!  What a rip off….sent that sadistic piece of garbage back and am thinking of getting my cable turned off so I can’t watch these stupid commercials anymore.  Fat and Happy and still have my $200 bucks.  REALLY…don’t buy it.
  • As a bodybuilding figure competitor, I know first hand that in order to get six pack abs, you’ll need to modify your diet and do lots of cardio exercise to burn the fat off your midsection. I do basic crunches and leg lifts either on a weight bench, floor, or stability ball twice a week and that’s even when I’m preparing for a contest. Nothing irks me more than to see these useless equipment being touted on the TV that make empty promises. Please folks, save your hard earned money and do it the old fashion way – diet & exercise.
  • The mandatory diet recommendations and aerobic workout alone will have you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. You don’t even need the Ab Circle Pro. There selling you a reduced calorie diet and aerobics for $400 that includes a hunk of metal that will end up in your next yard sale. This is all just a BIG SCAM. When will people learn that there is NO SHORTCUT to being fit and healthy. LAZY AMERICANS will do anything to not have to work out… Will they ever learn?
  • Does anyone know how many or how long you should stay on this dam Machine to see result I did the three minutes a day to see if the commercial was right. I lost nothing dont look any different and my neck kills and I have little cysts on the joint of where my hand and fingers meet it kills from holding the bars. I tried to look on hteir sit ethe dvd says ten rep I tried 1o reps of 15 cycles but what the heck now is it worth it to send it back.
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  1. Sasha permalink
    September 3, 2009 9:37 am


    I think that this is a great review about a not so great product. I also recommend reading this review about it which says other not-so-positive things:

  2. Mary Lauren permalink
    September 12, 2009 11:03 am

    I’m very fit and was ready to set my ab circle pro in a advance level. The basic level was not cutting it for me so I decided to change my level work out to the maximum. I cannot believe how easy it is to fall off of the machine and hurt yourself. I literally fell of this machine five times even when I was doing slowly and being very careful in motion. The machine glided with me left and right and felt as if your going to fall over either side. I only weight 127 and I’m 5’4. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, FROM MY EXPERIENCE THE AB CIRCLE PRO IS VERY UNSAFE. YOU CAN FALL OFF THE MACHINE SO EASILY AND HURT YOURSELF! I’m going to return this machine even if I do not get my money back. RETURNING THE AB CIRCLE PRO AND LOSING MY MONEY is way better than getting HOSPITALIZED.

  3. October 27, 2009 8:08 am

    The Ab Circle Pro is complete crap, and i’m glad to have found someone who isn’t afraid to say so!!!

    PEOPLE…WAKE UP! If a fitness gadget or weight loss pill is hawked on TV…most likely it’s CRAP!

    Fitness gadget + TV commercial = crap.

    I have always felt this way. I think it all began with that dang Thighmaster…then came the Ab Roller…

    I have been a Personal Trainer for over 14 years, and for all this time i’ve gotten on my soapbox about numerous topics…one of which is the fact that there is a plethora of misinformation and a ton of fraud in the fitness/diet industry.

    Sometimes I feel like the TRUE fitness professionals (ie those of us who aren’t “celebrities” such as Jillian Michaels)…those of us who walk the talk day in and day out, and work hands-on with clients, giving them HONEST advice and not making false promises…I feel we true professionals will be forever fighting a losing battle against these damn fraudulent, scammy people.

    Why do I say it’s a losing battle?

    Because if it makes someone lots of money, they are gonna do it…it doesn’t matter if it’s fraudulent…that’s just how the world works. People have greedy motives and it makes no difference that they are scamming consumers…their pockets are getting fatter, so life is good, right?!!!

    So…we COMPETENT fitness professionals (again, Jillian is NOT an example, as she is an actress, and a crappy “trainer”…and who in the heck climbs on their clients anyway?)…we must do anything we can to speak up and educate as many people as possible. That’s all we can do…be honest!

    Yours in Health,

  4. January 8, 2010 8:32 am

    Nette Seite! Dein Post ist interessant. Danke dafuer.

  5. Cullen permalink
    April 21, 2010 10:46 am

    It worked for me because I didn’t put it on the highest setting and I followed the diet plan.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      April 21, 2010 1:38 pm

      You say it worked for you, and I am glad if it did, but on top of this being only anecdotal evidence, I am not sure what you mean by ‘worked for you’. Did you get six pack abs in 3 minutes a day? Do you have six pack abs? Can you give me some more information, I am quite curious as to what you experienced.

  6. Andrew permalink
    March 10, 2012 3:39 pm

    bro, bashing on any and all marketing is a defeatest attitude. did they lie? sure they did. do you think when you go into a store and see a shirt priced for $70 they are being totally honest with you about its worth and everything like that?

    i bought an ab circle pro. as a way to work on my abs. have i used it every day? no. could i have done sit ups instead? yes.

    but i don’t think you can argue, IF done properly this machine does provide aerobic exercise and DOES work your abs if performed in a controlled manner. its not strong enough for people to swing side to side, and it is not as easy as the infomercial states. but guess what, neither is exercise in general.

    all the comments about blisters and bad backs are from poor technique. your hands are not supposed to move, your arms are supposed to be stable, and all motion is supposed to be from the abs. all the negative comments only prove to me that negative results were due to improper use.

    good luck on the blog.

    • YouAreNotAFitPerson permalink*
      March 12, 2012 11:12 am

      Andrew, thank you for the comment and reading the article. I have to argue though, pretty much by definition, Bashing on any and all over-hyped and deceptive marketing is the exact OPPOSITE of a defeatist attitude. It is actually defeatist to accept that kind of marketing.
      For starters if I saw a price tag of $70 on a shirt, and I chose to buy it, then it has at least that much value to me. Mind you, if I was then repeatedly billed additional sums of money to keep the shirt and I was enrolled in a lint brush a month club, well, then I would think I was being scammed. The ‘try it out’ offer and the following payments that are so well hidden along with the enrollment in the supplement programs are all scams plain and simple. If the government cared at all for the people it serves, it would simply require all products to give you the FULL price of the product up front before giving you the scam price version.
      As well, I do think I can argue that IF done properly this machine does work, because as you so perfectly point out, the way they say it works in the ad isn’t true. Work is a relative concept. If eaten ‘properly’ (ie. massive portion control), the fast food diet works, but I would never recommend it and quite honestly I would recommend against it. Just because it is possible to use something to get fit, this doesn’t mean that you should or that it is even good for the purpose. There are millions of examples. Every piece of crap infomercial product COULD be used to get fit, and millions of people have bought these items and almost NO ONE WHO USED THEM got fit.
      As for the bad technique, the device is a poor choice. You are left to use it on your own with no training or supervision. I wouldn’t recommend those movements at all in the first place. There are hundreds of great ab exercises that aren’t a crunch and there is the crunch. Most of these techniques are quite easy, are used by everyone from the beginner to the fitness expert and can be scaled to your level.
      Arguing for a machine like this is odd. Consumer Reports, which doesn’t have an axe to grind, ripped the machine saying it was equivalent to a light walk. It is the brainchild of a company that has manufactured dozens of the worst infomercial exercise devises and the ads were so egregiously false as to be banned in some countries and required re-shooting, even in the US for statements that were clearly untrue.
      With respect to the Ab Circle Pro, if it isn’t the biggest exercise devise joke yet, within a few years everyone will be denying they ever bought one and the landfills will be full of them.


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