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Tip #1 smaller plates, bowls and spoons

August 18, 2009

I always find the tips that people give me when I am starting out on something new to actually be the most important things that I learn.  For example, the tips that Meyrick gave me when I started running are still things I pay attention to when I run, even now.  So, I am going to keep offering up little tips here.  You can find them all by searching the tag, tips.  None of these things are part of the rules or methods by which you will get fit, but each of them can help.

So without further ado, pick smaller plates, bowls and spoons.  Especially bowls.  Although many great things come in bowls: soups and salads, a whole bunch of bad things come in bowls: cereal and ice cream.  For years and years I looked for the right set of bowls.  I finally found it at Ikea.  The bowls were big, really big, but not so big that you would immediately assume they were mixing bowls.  They were sort of junior mixing bowls and I loved them.  We don’t have any of them anymore and if we did, I would throw them out.  I would feel bad about it, but I would still throw them out.  I would routinely pour a quarter of a box of cereal and a couple of cups of milk and chow down.  Now, when I can’t resist the urge to eat cereal, I pour it into our very small squarish bowls (don’t ask me why we have squarish bowls, I hate them, mostly because they are small and they are good for me).  I end up putting about a third of a cup of cereal in the bowl and a little milk and grabbing a small spoon and sitting down to eat my cereal.  Sure when I am done I am still hungry, but I am not about to go about refilling my bowl with cereal and milk again.

That is nothing though.  My wife has her cereal in a ramekin!  Yep, the small serving bowl that drawn butter is served in with your lobster.  She might even refill it and go again, but I think it takes more work to fill the bowl than you get in calories eating it.  You would eventually have to give up…

The idea is that if you have a small plate or bowl you will not be able to put as much food on it.  The smaller spoon is so you eat slower.  I have read and believe that you should eat slower, but I also know that I can’t slow down my eating.  I fall on food like a lion on a kill.  The only way I am slowing down is if I physically have to.  So, hide your soup spoons and eat with your teaspoons.  It will force you to slow down.

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