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Acai Berry and other miracle cures…

August 11, 2009

Why is it that fit people think we are lazy when we seek out a miracle cure for fitness.  I take it as the height of intelligence to find the best solution to a problem (and the easiest solution is so often the best).  When you look at the obstacles facing us unfit people, it is only natural for us to look for slim chance easy solutions.  After all, the tough solutions have a slim chance of succeeding as well, so we may as well go for the easy ones…

I find it funny when fit people talk about there being no magic pill for fitness or weight loss.  Their faces tighten up and they get visibly angry about us even looking for this pill.  They feel like if we found the pill we would be proving them wrong, unraveling all of  belief in hard work and results, almost like our search is a direct affront to their existence.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an easy fix.  Nothing at all.  As well, I am pretty sure we are going to find at least one if not more quick fixes in the not too distant future.  We are on the cusp of many breakthroughs in the science of weight gain.  So, don’t feel bad about wanting your cake and eating it too.

What I want to talk about isn’t our natural desire to get fit easily, but instead  how not to get scammed by these quick fix schemes, such as the Acai berry scam.  The way to avoid these scams is to be skeptical.  Remember that everything you hear about dieting and weight loss is probably crap.  If it is easy it is definitely crap.  Start  by believing this.   Assume everyone is lying.  Make them prove to you that they aren’t.  Seriously, this little mind shift will work wonders on changing whether you can be scammed or not.

The thing is, if someone discovers a quick and easy solution to losing weight, even if it is only has a small impact, news of it will spread so fast that you will know about it from many reputable sources right away.  Don’t worry, you will not miss out on a weight loss cure while the world around you gets slim.  True knowledge travels very quickly, especially when it has a noticeable lack of side effects (okay, everything has side effects, so what I mean here is less heart attacks, bulging eyes, oily spotting- by the way, here is a very funny description of the side effects of Alli   Really, let everyone else risk the heart attacks, sit back and do some research and wait a little while.  I know it is hard, but you don’t want to sign up to be a lab rat (okay, I totally would have signed up to be a lab rat if it meant losing weight, but the problem is, you probably won’t lose weight and you will be a lab rat).

The problem for you is of course you want to be slim now, not 10-15 years from now, which is probably close to the real time line for significant weight loss quick fixes to be tested and on the market.  This was my problem, I wanted to wait for a quick fix, but I wanted to be slim quickly.  I realized I could wait forever to be fit if I wasn’t going to do something myself.  Really, while you are waiting, take a look at You Are Not A fit Person.  I think you might find it easy and enjoyable while you are waiting around for your quick fix.

Now that I have had to work hard to be fit, I must admit, I really am not that excited to see a miracle weight loss cure.  I can’t quite say that I would be angry though, just a little annoyed.  People won’t be nearly as impressed by me and my weight loss if everyone was losing weight with some miracle pill.  Still, I could go back to having wings and beer every afternoon.  I just don’t know if I would enjoy it as much as I used to.  There really is something to be said about enjoying things in a more sparing manner.

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